US Split on Who to Support in Libya

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August 4, 2016 by JImbo

Did you hear we’re bombing Libya again?

Just a small blip on the American news, but very educational if you ask yourself the big question…. “why?”

We bombed “ISIS forces” to “help the GNA.”

This leads to more questions of course.

Who is the GNA?

There’s ISIS in Libya now???

The “Government of National Accord” …known as the “Tripoli government” and yes.

And of course all our allies are AGAINST the GNA.

Say what?

This might help explain things.

This article is enlightening if you know the history behind it.

Now There are Two Competing Air Forces in Libya

(from the “War is Boring” blog)

The story is about how the Western Libyan (based in Tripoli) government is pissed off their “American Allies” won’t support them as much as they want in their fight versus the Easter Libyan government based in Tobruk.

Why would they expect that we would?

The Tripoli government is led by the Islamist (radical jihadi) faction. Virtually all of America’s allies in the region (Egypt, Jordan, UAE, France, Britain, etc) are supporting the Tobruk government. Why would they expect the USA to help THEIR side?

Well, because “we” have before. The Tripoli government IS part of the Muslim Brotherhood. The whole “Arab Spring” movement that toppled Qaddafi in 2011 to START the Libyan Civil War was a US-backed movement to get the Muslim Brotherhood into power in countries across the region. Plans for it came directly from the White House/State Dept.

The Muslim Brotherhood succeeded in taking over Egypt for a time until the Egyptian people threw them out. Assad in Syria is still fighting them but remains in power (precariously.) In Libya, they got half the job done. They killed Qaddafi but didn’t manage to take power.

This explains why Egypt is leading the fight and supporting the anti-Muslim Brotherhood forces in the Tobruk government. The Egyptian military has long been a bulwark against Islamist religious extremism in Egyptian politics. They are the “defender of the constitution” in Egyptian society. They are committed to stopping all Islamist threats to the peace and stability of Egypt.

This is a common thread in many pro-western countries in the region. In Jordan, Turkey and the UAE this is similarly true. The military isn’t so much an extension of the president’s power, but more a force to oppose religious extremism. The people may hate the secret police, but they respect the military.

The Muslim Brotherhood represents an existential threat to Egypt. They seek to overthrow the military (again) and take power back to make Egypt an Islamist terrorist state. So, it makes sense that Egypt, Jordan and others are against the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya.

However, that doesn’t explain why the Muslim Brotherhood expects us to support them. It also doesn’t explain why we are refusing to support the Tobruk government either as our allies are doing.

That all comes down to ironically the SAME split between Constitutionalist/Secularist and Islamist/Muslim Brotherhood in our own country. Our president is VERY pro-Muslim Brotherhood/Islamist. He (and Hillary Clinton) STARTED the “Arab Spring” uprisings to install the Muslim Brotherhood in power in the region.

Meanwhile, our generals side with our Constitution in theory, and side with the generals over there in practice. Our military too is seen as standing for our ideals and Constitution. Also, we conduct many, many exercises together with the pro-western militaries. We work together, we train together, we fight together.

So, it’s not unrelated when the generals in Turkey tried to kick out their Islamist president a couple weeks ago…and that president BLAMED THE UNITED STATES. While we didn’t actively support the coup, we sure as hell were rooting for the military to succeed because if the military kicks out the dictator President Erdogan, that is a win for the Turkish Constitution and a loss for Islamism. Erdogan has let Islamist groups run rampant in the country, tried to pass strict sharia laws, and has even aided ISIS…or at the very least not opposed them in the least.

Why would our President want the Muslim Brotherhood and religious extremists to win?  It’s not that President Obama wants “extremism” to win exactly. He thinks that the Muslim Brotherhood is just a “more moderate solution” than Al Qaeda and ISIS. They are the “lesser of two evils” so to speak.

Additionally, he believes that colonialism is wrong and anyone supporting the United States is illegitimate. So, our allies by virtue of being our allies must be wrong. The Muslim Brotherhood call themselves “nationalists” and speak about “defeating foreign colonialism”, which makes Obama all tickled and happy inside.

Of course Egypt, Syria, Libya, etc haven’t been a “colony” in a LONG time. And of course the population by and large DOESN’T like the Muslim Brotherhood…but it’s never been about true democracy after all. It’s about Obama fulfilling his vision of “How the world should look like.” What the PEOPLE want be damned since they are just too dumb to know anyway right?

That’s why the Muslim Brotherhood think we are coming to their aid. Obama probably promised them he would. Then he found out NO ONE was backing his play and chickened out. However, Obama still doesn’t like the idea of a Pro-western government in Libya…so he plays the middle.

That is why our strikes in Libya are limited to that TINY section where ISIS is and totally ignores the larger conflict. Obama doesn’t want the Tobruk government to win. However, he’s too weak to get the USA to back Tripoli on the opposite side of ALL of our allies and the American people (if they knew what was really happening.)

Obama looks around and sees three possible success stories of his “Arab Spring” slipping out of his hands. Egypt is back in the Egyptian peoples’ hands. The Syria government of Assad is still holding on with Russian support. Now the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya is losing power. His dream of a “moderate” Muslim Brotherhood hegemony in the region is crumbling before his very eyes.

You won’t see much on TV about the Libyan situation. The media things it’s too confusing for most people and it makes Obama look bad.

Likewise, you won’t see much on the siege in Turkey, where our base has been encircled by Turkish government forces and cut off from the outside world. They let us keep bombing ISIS, but still haven’t turned on the power or water. Everything has to be flown in from Europe. Importantly you’ll notice it is mostly government POLICE forces and MILITIAS surrounding the base, not the Turkish military who as I said are siding with us in the matter.

That’s why Erdogan hasn’t moved on the base. He can’t trust his military to follow his orders. He has had I believe THREE coup attempts so far by the military because of his heavy handed dictatorship and tacit support for Islamist terrorism. That support for Islamist terrorists went so far as shooting down Russian planes awhile back in order to protect those terrorists they supported in Syria.

The Turkish military is being practical. They don’t want a war with Russia. Now they don’t want a war with the United States. They don’t want to support terrorism. They just want to defend the Turkish people.

So, that is why Obama is quibbling on who to support in Libya. He wants to follow Erdogan’s example and support the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamist terrorists. However, he sees what happens when you go against the will of the people. He’s simply afraid of an American military coup.

(Incidentally, while we’re discussing Libya, it is interesting to me to see how much of the Libyan Civil War has broken down along tribal lines rather than strictly political or religious. Libya has for centuries been essentially three distinct “regions” combined under a strong dictator. This seems to be borne out by the distribution of land among the three main warring factions.

Compare this with the previous map. The “Tripoli” government rules pretty much the same “Tripolitania” area on the coast that has always been favored by the Libyan authorities. The “Tobruk” government is basically an alliance of the “Cyrenaica” tribes. The “Fezzan” is traditionally occupied by the nomadic “Tauregs.” The “Tobruk” forces are a lot farther west than you’d expect, but since there are only maybe 20,000 Tauregs in the whole country (they live in tiny nomadic bands) it isn’t hard to push them aside. “Claiming” desert in the south is a bit problematic too since as soon as you leave the nomads just roam back in. The Taureg don’t fight you so much as just drift around.

Just shows you how much things remain the same.

Also the importance of knowing history.






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