2016 Presidential Poll Trends…and the Future Crunch

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June 29, 2016 by JImbo

I keep hearing about how the third parties are “stealing votes” from one  or the other.

Are they?

Let’s take a look at who is “stealing” votes from whom.

I don’t see any evidence that the third parties are doing anything but giving the “undecided” voters someone else to vote for. They aren’t really “helping” either Clinton or Trump. Those voters have pretty much made their minds up at this point for one of the two “lesser evils”.

Of course, if they WERE in theory helping one of them, then Trump is benefitting from the third parties being in the race. The “Greens” under Stein are Socialist/Environmentalists. Their own party platform identifies them as basically “Social Justice Warriors.”

Can’t see any Trump support coming from there.

The Libertarians going for Johnson are all about open borders, free trade and the US constitution. Really? Open borders? No tariffs? Limited government?

Those are the opposite of Donald Trump.

If the pro-abortion, pro-gay, open borders folks are going to go for a mainstream candidate, it’s going to be a Democrat…not a Democrat-like Nationalist.

However, I think the data shows that even Clinton wouldn’t “get” those voters. They would just sit this one out. The huge numbers of “undecideds” before Johnson and Stein were in the polls can attest to that.

What does the future hold?

At current rates, things could look like this in another month:

What do Trump fans do if he’s down 10 points in the polls?

Is 12% enough to consider supporting a third party?

Somehow I doubt it. If there’s one thing the major parties know it is to KEEP DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER, IGNORING PAST EXPERIENCE!

On the positive side, if a party reaches 5% in the polls they are generally an “official” party and get equal status to the two main parties. So, if trends hold true we could see a FOUR PARTY SYSTEM in the 2018 elections.

In fact, if Johnson manages to get to 15% he will get into the televised debates THIS election.

Will that boost his numbers?

I still get people asking me who the hell he is.

At the very least if we HAVE to have either Trump or Clinton, at least we might get a four-party system out of this.

That’ll be fine.

Here in New York, I’m hoping that with ballot access, the Libertarian Larry Sharpe will be opposing Governor Cuomo.

Maybe he can draft the “Minister of Truth”, Reverend Derrick Grayson to run with him.

Imagine that.

Two strong, pro-Freedom, pro-Constitution black men who can take New York by storm before it’s too late.

That is, if Cuomo (like Clinton) isn’t in jail by then. Seems the Feds are looking into some of his rather less than legal dealings too.

They already put the Assembly and Senate leader in prison in this state. That’s the #2 and #3 corrupt politicians in power in the state. Guess who is next?

El Numero Uno.

Maybe Clinton could choose Cuomo for her running mate and we’ll get a two for one deal.



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