Summary of Post-Orlando Senate Gun Control Bills


June 20, 2016 by JImbo

Bear with me.

I’m not an expert at all this legalese.

It seems most of these bills tend to be about some Senators trying to stick amendments in to give money to pet projects…then OTHER Senators amending it to deny those previous amendments.

Anyway, I THINK this is a decent quick summary of what passed and what didn’t today in the US Senate. Also, I have who voted for what so you can call your Senator…to thank them or scream at them.

Note that even the “Yea” votes aren’t “law.” They are just passed in the Senate. You know anything good for the 2nd Amendment won’t be passed by this President anyway. However, it lets you know at least who is sticking up for your rights…and who needs to be kicked out of office.

You’ll see that they split pretty cleanly along party lines.

If I get anything wrong, please tell me.

These are painful to try to read in the original text.

Senate Bill SA 4720 “Authorize Attorney General to Deny Requests to Transfer a Firearm To Known or Suspected Terrorists”

Sponsor: (D- Senator  Feminstein- CA)

Summary:  This is the ban on buying firearms if you are on the “terror watch list”

Result: Shot down 47-53

Senate Bill SA 4749 “Secure Our Homeland from radical Islamists by Enhancing Law enforcement  Detection”

Sponsor: (R- Senator  Cornyn- TX)

Summary:  The Justice Dept will be informed of anyone who WAS on the “terror watch list” in the past 5 years attempting to buy a firearm. The Attorney General then can delay the sale for 3 days while they try to prove that the person is a terrorist. If they cannot, the sale goes through.

If the Justice Dept brings enough evidence of terrorist activity to be a potential terrorist, but cannot prove actual terrorist action. If the government wins… well you’re up on terrorism charges. If the government loses, you get your firearm and the government is by law required to reimburse you for all damages you suffer.

Result: Shot Down 53-47 (needed 60 votes for cloture because of new Senate rules by Democrats)

(Note: Yes, they did try to spell “SHIELD” in capitals the name… corny as hell.)

Senate Bill SA 4750 “Fix Gun Check Act”

Sponsor: (D- Senator  Murphy- CT)

Summary: “Fixes gun show loophole” (that doesn’t exist but shhhhh don’t tell them that)

Result: Shot down 44-56

SA 4751 “Protecting Communities and Preserving the Second Amendment Act”

Sponsor:  (R- Senator Grassley- IA) (and R-Senator Cruz-TX)

Summary:  Makes it harder to judge a person mentally incompetent. It appears one doctor cannot alone make the judgement, and a panel may not be convened to determine a person unfit to possess a firearm without first notifying and allowing that person to be present at the hearing.

Result: Shot Down 53-47 (needed 60 votes for cloture because of new Senate rules by Democrats)

And there you have it.

As I said, if I got anything wrong lemme know.

None of these will change anything anyway.

The Democrat bills were defeated (barely) and the Republican bills would be vetoed anyway  failed to reach cloture by a smaller margin. (Not that President Obama would sign a pro-2nd amendment bill into law anyway)

It does tell you where you stand though.

No progress is good when the “progress” is in the wrong direction.

I did like the part about the government paying you if they screw up. THAT idea should be put into MORE laws! The idea of actually TELLING you if they are taking your rights away and letting you SHOW UP for that was pretty novel too. Imagine that… getting due process in court and them paying for their mistakes!

If nothing else, THAT needs to be applauded!

(edited to show that all 4 bills were shot down due to the 60-vote requirement for “cloture” to actually push a bill forward. You can thank the Democrats under Harry Reid for that higher bar. On the positive side, it makes it even harder for the Democrats to get things passed. Which of course they knew even BEFORE all the crying, whining and throwing tantrums before these doomed votes.)



One thought on “Summary of Post-Orlando Senate Gun Control Bills

  1. john springer says:

    “You can thank the Democrats under Harry Reid for that higher bar.” Uh, cloture (to end a filibuster) was established by a Senate rule passed 99 years ago. It has been reduced from 67 votes (2/3) to just 60 votes. What Reid did was pass a rule ELIMINATING the need for a super-majority on certain kinds of bills. So thank Reid that not every Senate action requires 60 votes; just most of them.


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