Katie Couric’s Staff Breaks Numerous Federal Gun Rules for Documentary

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June 5, 2016 by JImbo

A documentary that ironically is there to prove how there “aren’t enough rules.”

Katie Couric’s Docuemntary Repeatedly Break Gun Laws

Her producer ordered a staffer to buy guns.

The producer illegally got them without going through the proper background checks.

The producer’s defense is “It’s like…totally legal.”

No, actually it’s “totally not.”

It’s not any more “legal” than robbing a bank or stealing a car.

In fact, it’s VERY NOT LEGAL.

Not only did he avoid background checks, but he also was buying them for someone else which is ANOTHER felony (per gun) on top of that because when you buy a gun they specifically ask if it’s FOR YOURSELF.

What did she really “prove” with her documentary?

That it’s possible to commit multiple felonies?

If they don’t go to prison…why not? Anyone of us who did this would be looking at a minimum of EIGHT FEDERAL FELONIES.

Hey, if you’re gonna stick us with these dumb laws, then you better damn follow them yourself! This could make for a very interesting case. I’m sure the gun grabbers are going to claim “Well see? The background checks don’t work! He got the guns!”

To which we can always suggest… then why do you insist on them?




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