Ron Swanson 2016

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June 3, 2016 by JImbo

Limited Government

No Bailouts of Corporations and Banks

Deregulation of Industries to create jobs

Solving Problems at the Local Level

Individual Freedom

Lower Taxes

Fighting Corruption

Cutting Waste and Big Government

Natural Conservation



Middle Class Values

Proud to be American

Hard Working and Practical

Focus on the Future

Putting America Back to Work

Energy Policy

Religious Freedom

Second Amendment Supporter


Born Leader

Full gallery:

The Wit and Wisdom of Ron Swanson


Ron Swanson is a Libertarian.

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are NOT.

They all want larger government.

They just disagree on what to do with that bigger government.


Alright just kidding, Ron Swanson isn’t running but the Libertarian Party is, at every level of government. Federal, State and Local.

Find them.

Support them.

Locally here in New York for example, there will be quite a few “liberty” candidates on the ballot.

Find out who is running in your area and support the best PERSON for candidate, with the best PRINCIPLES. The actual Party is irrelevant at this point.

Then there’s the Presidential candidate Gary Johnson:

There’s also the Constitution Party candidate Darrell Castle.

Yes, I know they aren’t as witty or bullish as Ron Swanson.

Neither has a moustache either, so I understand your reluctance to trust them.

Then again, none of the Democrats running (Clinton, Sanders or Trump) has a moustache either!

Vote your conscience.

Do your homework.

Just DON’T stay home and pout.

Take a stand.

Fight for something.

Be like Ron.

I haven’t decided yet who to support.

None of them is really the equal to Ron Swanson.

But then again who is?

There are a few months left.

Plenty of time for any of them to grow a beard and a set of balls.

Yes, even Hillary.


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