Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield

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May 29, 2016 by JImbo

I haven’t read this book yet.
I plan on it.

From the quotes here it sounded neat.

Gates of Fire Quotes

“Persian envoy said “our arrows will black out the sun…” Dienekes of the Spartans replied “Good, then we’ll fight in the shade.”

“Fear conquers fear. This is how we Spartans do it, counterpoising to fear of death a greater fear: that of dishonor. Of exclusion from the pack.”

Good stuff, right?

Then I looked at the reviews.

on May 26, 2016
Great book!
One of the best books I’ve ever read.
And then there was this review:
on April 25, 2016
This is a god-awful trainwreck of hatefulness against writing, against thought, and against the English language.
It made me regret that I ever learned to read.
This book is the anti-intelligent Magnum Opus for Stephen Pressfield, and any rodents and sewer-dwellers who might wish to follow his footsteps.
I hate, plainly enough, this laughable fake ” approachable” history. As I hate bad writing in general.
If you wish to learn how to write, with wit, and intelligence, with a love of the joy of language- with any kind of humanity, avoid this book as if an infected carcass.
You’ll thank me later.
It is laughably lowest common denominator dreck.
This book insults even a ten year old.
I’m hooked.
Ordering it right now.

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