Swedish Reporter Asks Strangers Why She Can’t Self-Identify as a Tall Japanese 7 year old boy?

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May 8, 2016 by JImbo

The responses are amazing.

Where has common sense gone?

This never used to be an issue.

You always COULD tell people whatever you wanted. You could pretend to BE whatever you liked. However, people would refer to you as “not right in the head” and tend to humor you patronizingly.

“Oh, that’s just Maggie. She dresses like a man. She’ll probably always be a tom-boy.” (Never find a good man that way!)

“Oh you think you’re a cat? That’s nice.”

(Not right in the head that one… cuckoo!)

“Oh, yes Emperor Napoleon. We have a nice padded room for you to stay in while you wait to return to conquer France.”

(Get the meds quick!)

Personally I reject the notion that others can define reality for me.

Today we are told we must accept a reality another person is creating for us.

No, that’s bullcrap.

I don’t care for tapioca pudding.

If someone else tells me “tapioca pudding is delicious” I don’t HAVE to agree.

We can each have our own opinions.

To me tapioca pudding tastes awful and that’s perfectly alright.

To someone else it might be tasty.

However, don’t try to FORCE me to say that tapioca is tasty. It’s not. Not to me.

Don’t demand that my restaurant MUST serve tapioca pudding because YOU want it.

And likewise, I won’t demand that YOU can’t have it.

All of this pretending has real consequences. In the video for example, the reporter brings up “If you identify as a 7 year old boy… can you date 7 year old girls?”

That’s precisely the defense Michael Jackson used in court. He said he couldn’t be a pedophile because he was a “child himself.” Since a child can’t molest another child, then no crime was committed right?

Do you REALLY want to give child molesters this defense because of….”feelings?”

Do we make it a legal identification? If they are “really 7 years old” do they go to school and lose driving privileges? 7 year olds can’t work and pay bills.

Are they put up for adoption?

Or is it only part-time and they can turn it on and off?

What about people who identify as cats?

Are they still citizens?

Domestic pets didn’t have US citizenship as far as I know and those without owners are sent to the pound.

If this sounds ridiculous it’s because IT IS!

It’s NOT a one-way street.

It goes both ways.

Not ONLY transgender/transspecies/etc folks have rights.

EVERYONE has rights.

EVERYONE has to deal with reality to some extent.

There’s fantasy and fetishes and then there’s reality.

You’re not really Tarzan outside the bedroom.

Your spouse isn’t really Wonder Woman.

Regardless of how real it may be to you in your own home, don’t expect me to pretend that you are. Superman wasn’t even from this planet and he still managed to use the proper bathroom during the day as Clark Kent.

Pick an identity and stick with it.

The old joke used to be:

“My parents told me I could be anything I wanted to be…so I chose to be a fire truck!”

It’s not so funny anymore.


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