Australian Man Builds Full-Sized Star Wars AT-ST Walker

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April 21, 2016 by JImbo

I’m not sure whether to applaud this guy’s ingenuity or marvel at his misguided ambition.


I mean, I like Star Wars.

I really like it.

However, this is project that takes a level of commitment that most people just don’t have….for ANYTHING.

This ‘Star Wars’ fan made an incredible life-size AT-ST

Look at the detail on this thing!

Oh did I say commitment?

I meant lots of spare money, extra time and a geek side a parsec wide.

There are similar projects out there from the Millennium Falcon to the USS Enterprise.

For those looking for a more “realistic” model, there’s also a full scale Space Shuttle available, made FOR you by the same guys that make lots of Hollywood props.

Of course, do-it-yourself has its advantages. While it’ll take your paychecks, your weekends, your lawn and your marriage… it’s a lot cheaper.

The factory-built Space Shuttle is around $3,500,000. (not including tax and delivery)

That’s a bargain compared to the $1,700,000,000 of the real thing.

However, the website implicitly reminds us that these replicas “Do not fly.”

So let the buyer beware.





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