West Virginia Passes “Constitutional Carry” Law

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March 6, 2016 by JImbo

Constitutional Carry Goes to Governor of West Virginia

In a nutshell, WV already does NOT require you to have a permit to carry a pistol openly. This bill goes even further. It requires no pistol permit… EVER.

You simply have your 2nd Amendment rights.


(Yes there are certain rules about churches, schools, and if a business owner posts a sign, etc) However, the point is you can’t be charged for just carrying a pistol.

The Governor tried to veto the bill.

The Senate overrode it and it’s now in place.

Congratulations West Virginia!

You now join seven other states that already recognize the rights of citizens under the US Constitution.

Alaska since 2003

Arizona since 2010

Wyoming since 2011

Arkansas since 2013

Maine since 2015

Vermont since 1787 (It has always been a free carry state)




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