Flip or Flop?

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February 23, 2016 by JImbo

Cruz Backs Deportation for Illegal Aliens

A colleague recently posted this and stated “Copy Cat Cruz is now copying Trump since Rand Paul is out of the race!”

Is he?

Are you SURE about that?

Let’s check the record shall we?

I will let them tell you in their own words.

Where were the candidates back in 2012?

See for yourself.

In July of 2011, Cruz was interviewed by the website Conservatives in Action. He was asked about his support for President Obama’s DREAm Act and stated that he does not support the legislation.

Q: On Immigration I do know that you want to secure the border.

Cruz: “Absolutely!”

Q: And after you secure the border and after you become one of our senators, what do you think of the Dream Act?

Cruz: “I do not support the Dream Act and categorically oppose amnesty. I categorically oppose amnesty and I strongly support legal immigration for those that have followed the rules and come here to pursue the American dream.”

As for Donald Trump:

Per Huffington Post interview in November 2012:
Over the summer, he explained his reservations about a hardline immigration policy popular among some Republicans.

“For people that have been here for years that have been hard-workers, have good jobs, they’re supporting their family — it’s very, very tough to just say, ‘By the way, 22 years, you have to leave. Get out,'” he said during an appearance on Fox News. “I’m one of the world’s very conservative people, but I have to tell you on a human basis, how do you throw somebody out that’s lived in this country for 20 years.”

So there you have it.
Ted Cruz had the same position as now.
Donald Trump thought Mitt Romney was too tough on illegals and said they should take notes from the Democrats on the issue.

When did Mr. Trump start getting strong on illegals?

About the time he started running for President and changed his party registration from “Democrat” to “Republican?”


So who is copying whom?

Oh, there is one difference.

“No, I don’t intend to send jack boots to knock on your door and every door in America, that’s not the way we enforce the law for any crime,” Cruz told CNN’s Jake Tapper at the time.

So there you have it.

I guess Trump IS going to be “strong on illegal immigration.”

If he doesn’t decide to go back to what he believed a couple years ago.



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