Trump is NOT Self Funding His Campaign

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February 7, 2016 by JImbo

Yet another myth busted…

Trump Risks Little of His Fortune- NY Times

Not only is Trump NOT funding his own campaign, he is MAKING MONEY OFF OF IT!

While I’m not surprised that a businessman is finding ways to profit off of his presidential run, I do find it a bit misleading for him to tell people that he is “self funding” his campaign.

He’s not.

He is not taking most of it out of his own pocket.

He is CHARGING his fundraisers to use his companies and resources.

Not only is Trump fundraising, he is then using that fundraising money to FILL his pockets.

Any other campaign would be exposed as a fraud for such claims. It would be potentially an ethics violation complaint at the least.

Not Trump.

Imagine if Ted Cruz had a company that made posters. Then, he made his fundraisers use his poster shop to make posters for his campaign…at a profit. So, he would depend on other peoples’ money to run his campaign…then fill his own pockets with that money in addition to getting the publicity paid for by other people…. all the while CLAIMING that he never took a dime from anyone else.

Trump is doing JUST that and getting away with it.

And he will keep doing it until someone holds him accountable.




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