When Common Sense Isn’t

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December 11, 2015 by JImbo

My favorite tagline is:

“Common Sense Isn’t”

Politicians seem to have less than most!

Republicans Put On The Spot

Oooooh the ultimate new “gotcha” question!

It goes something like this:

“Hey Mr. Gun Nut Crazy Republican Radical Guy…. why don’t you want them to check the No Fly/Terror Watch lists when you buy a gun? HUH HUH HUH? What, do you want terrorists to get guns???”

It’s actually a lot more smug than this… and a tad more ignorant than I can reproduce here. Our President, nose high in the air put it this way with his “common sense gun reform.”

“What could possibly be the argument for allowing a terrorist suspect to buy a semiautomatic weapon?” Mr. Obama asked in a prime-time address to the nation. “This is a matter of national security.”

Now, I know he’s not a smart man. (Unlike say Ted Cruz who was the top of his class at Harvard, Obama has never released his grades.) Our President is hampered by ideology and a lack of common sense. So, like his lack of humility he has trouble seeing it in others.

I’ll help him out here so even he can understand why this is a terrible idea.

First, the people on the watch list and no fly list are NOT criminals. Think about it now. If they were CRIMINALS, they would be charged with crimes right? Hence, the list is for people that may be criminals in the future but are NOT CRIMINALS NOW.

This isn’t that movie “Minority Report.” We aren’t using psychic fortune tellers to figure out who will kill someone tomorrow at 3:14 pm at the McDonald’s on Rt 31 over a crusty french fry.

We don’t KNOW if they are criminals. We are just WATCHING them. Since there are at last count over a MILLION people on that list… and 99.99% have NOT committed a crime… then we can assume that most on the list are not criminals and will not be criminals.

However, the President’s plan and the bill by Senator Schumer would make you lose your 2nd Amendment right.. FOREVER… the instant you appear on a list… as a non-criminal.

Yes, the government is contemplating taking away your rights for NOT COMMITTING A CRIME. Hey, I guess they figure they already set the precedent when they fined people for NOT BUYING HEALTH INSURANCE.

What’s next?

Throwing people in jail for NOT doing drugs?

Second, the whole process is unconstitutional. There is no “due process” to get on the list. if you are a felon or other criminal, it takes a judge and/or jury to decide that. First you have to have done something wrong. THEN you go to trial. THEN you are found guilty.

With the “No Fly” and “Terror Watch” lists, there is no due process. If you neighbor calls you in for something, you take out a “suspicious amount” of money from the bank, you “travel in a suspicious manner” or even if you rent the wrong books at the library, you can be put on the list by the stroke of a key in a Federal computer.

They don’t even TELL YOU you’re on the list. Kinda tough to fight it if you don’t even KNOW you are on the list now isn’t it? In fact, many people have been told they were on the list, tried to sue and FAILED to see their name on the list.

No evidence. No trial. No way to get off the list. Just your life destroyed for no reason apparently.

For the folks that say these dumb laws (if passed) can’t be used for confiscation, again… THINK ABOUT IT.

The authorities have your information from the gun purchase and a gun permit. They know you have a gun and they know where you live. Now if you pop up no the list (and you don’t even know it remember), they will legally be able to come to your house with a SWAT team and TAKE your guns by force.

Remember… you committed no crime. You don’t even KNOW they are coming. They just show up with guns and start shooting. How do you think that will go over in your neck of the woods?

Around here, that won’t end well. I think this IS that much talked about push for “confiscation” that the President was talking about. All he has to do is go the FBI say “give me a list of all background checks and gun permits on file.” Then he says “Put them all on the watch list as potential domestic terrorists.”


You are instantly now a “potential domestic terrorist” along with a  majority of other Americans. Amazing how you can make the most unlawful and immoral acts “legal” if you just ignore the US Constitution and any concept of human rights.

I can hear the cries now.


“It’ll never happen!”

“But it’s not Constitutional!”

“Who will enforce it!?!”

The courts ruled that NOT doing anything under Obamacare was a crime.

They have ruled the No-Fly/Terror Watch lists unconstitutional but that hasn’t gotten rid of them has it?

The States and Counties will have to enforce it.

That’s where it gets dirty.

This could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

I don’t expect it to pass at the Federal level, but already CT and NY are putting up bills to do just this. It’s being rammed through as “common sense gun control” when it is anything BUT.

Given how the unconstitutional “SAFE Act” has been upheld by judges friendly to our fascist Governor, I really don’t see them being of much use. The Supreme Court refused to rule on a similar law in Illinois last week.

I think we may be on our own with this one.

It just may come down to a groundswell of opposition from the people, supported by our local County Sheriffs. Not only are Sheriffs locally elected, they are from the local community and will be the ones enforcing this travesty of justice.

They don’t WANT to break their oath to the Constitution.

They don’t WANT to get shot doing it.

Start telling people why this isn’t “common sense” and why it WON’T make them safer. (Do you think taking YOUR guns away will make YOU safer?)

Start the discussion.

Remind people that the 2nd Amendment is right next to the 1st. Same document. If you take away one, the others are just as easy to remove.



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