Unfortunately, Donald Trump Isn’t Wrong

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December 9, 2015 by JImbo

Importantly he isn’t “RIGHT” either.

Most of his ideas are on the surface still pretty bad.

However, he has his facts correct (or more correct anyway) on virtually every “gotcha” issue brought up so far.

He was proven right when he said “Muslims were celebrating 9-11 in New Jersey.” Multiple sources including police and contemporary news reports confirm it happened.

He was right when he said global warming was unproven. It’s not. In fact, just this week new evidence came out that not only are temperatures not going up… that CO2 pollution is not measurably rising.

He was right that many illegal immigrants commit crimes. Statistics show they are incarcerated at rates FAR HIGHER than the average.

He was right that Mexicans would “pay for the border wall.” His plan would be paid for by Mexicans paying an entry fee. Hence, Mexicans (not the Mexican government, but Mexicans individually) WOULD be paying for the wall.

The latest supposed “gaffe” was his assertion that he would “temporarily suspend Muslim immigration until the process is fixed.”

Of course for starters, that’s not what is being reported in the media. The headlines range from “TRUMP BANNING ISLAM” to “TRUMP ADVOCATES MUSLIM HOLOCAUST.”

He said a temporary halt… until the vetting process is fixed. It’s neither “illegal” nor “unconstitutional.” It’s not even “immoral” as commentators say.

In fact, it has been done REPEATEDLY in the past. There is ample precedent and it is enshrined in US law. The President is empowered to adjust or limit immigration by any group. He doesn’t even need approval for it.

Fight it if you want but it’s in US law.

So, the second complaint is that it’s “not constitutional!” Well, that too is a false statement. In fact, whether it is constitutional is irrelevant.

The US Constitution applies ONLY to US citizens and those who are guests in the country (resident aliens and visa holders.) You have to be recognized as a guest or resident.

Foreign citizens in other countries are not covered by the US Constitution. Why would they be? It would be rather insane to argue otherwise.

Are we covered by foreign laws in this country? No. Therefore, BEFORE someone immigrates they are STILL citizens of their previous country. Therefore, our laws do not apply to them until they are granted entry.

Think of it like a job interview. BEFORE you are hired, you do not get paid or enjoy the benefits of working for the company right? You are APPLYING for it. Therefore, you can’t go to the company’s HR department and complain if you were NEVER HIRED IN THE FIRST PLACE.

THE US Constitution does not apply to foreign citizens in other countries.


While I don’t agree with much of what Trump says and proposes, he has proven to be CORRECT far more often than those who oppose him. If you watch who condemns him and lies about him… they are generally quite ignorant on the facts.

Take a tip from Senator Ted Cruz. He KNOWS US law. He KNOWS the US Constitution. He argued before the Supreme Court and won.

Or ask Senator Rand Paul who is also a Constitutional scholar.

Either way, they have been quiet on the issue. They KNOW Trump is correct. They don’t think his ideas are RIGHT, but they know he is CORRECT in his facts.

Their approach is thus:

“The President should place an immediate moratorium on refugees from countries with a significant al Qaeda or ISIS presence, such as Syria. I’ve introduced legislation to make this happen; it is not a desired step, but a necessary step for the security of the United States.”

– Ted Cruz

Note the difference. Not “Muslims” but “Countries from countries with a significant Al Qaeda or ISIS presence”… which are all Muslim by default since they recruit only Muslims. However, they’re not saying Muslims who live in Austria or Muslims who live in the Congo. Just those places where the terrorists are coming from.

Yes it will keep many Muslims out (and the non-Muslims from those countries), but it addresses the problem and avoids making it a religious issue. This is the path that Jimmy Carter took when banning immigration from Iran in 1979.

Was Jimmy Carter a “wannabe Hitler” too?

Doesn’t it make sense to not let people from the countries you are at war with in?

How many Japanese and Germans did we invite in during World War II with open arms?

I disagree with much of what Trump says, but he IS right more often than not. When he’s wrong it tends to be on details (hundreds not thousands of New Jersey Muslims were celebrating after 9-11.)

Politically, Cruz is also being quite astute. He’s not attacking Trump OR Trump supporters. That could be key if Trump does get behind or out of the race. Or, if Trump does go “too far”… if that’s possible. He has taken Trump at his word that “if you don’t attack me, I won’t attack you.” So far that’s working. Much like a NASCAR race, Cruz is “drafting” behind the leader. Whether that’s as opponents or possible teammates remains to be seen.

The other candidates have already given up on Trump supporters and regularly insult them, calling them “ignorant” and “racist.” That’s not how you “expand the base”… for either party.

Trump is a businessman. He knows marketing.

The First rule is: The customer is always right.

The Second rule is: Never insult the customer.

Trump gets it.

Cruz gets it.

The rest of them don’t.

It’s not even just a Republican issue. Larger and larger parts of Trump’s following at rallies are Democrats and Independents of all races, ages and creeds. He is managing to get people from both parties as well as those disillusioned from either party by their unwillingness to listen to the people.

Trump as I said before is a POPULIST. He’s not principled so much as he is a salesman, giving the people what they want. Therefore as long as he stays a Populist he can’t lose. You can’t lose the majority of voters if you are just telling the majority what they want to hear.

Doesn’t matter if you mean it or can do it.

You are promising that you can, and they are believing that promise.

Personally, I’d like to see Cruz win. He may yet pull it off. Donald Trump has already said he’d “love” for Cruz to be his vice president.

As much as President Trump is a scary thing… President Clinton is an even worse idea. And, there is precedent for a figurehead celebrity leader backed up by a principled, hard working, intelligent second in command.

Then, when Trump gets bored there’s a smooth road to the Presidency.

It’s early.

We are still 54 days from Iowa.

No votes have been cast yet.

Hillary could still end up being charged with several felonies by the FBI.

I have yet to hear one person jump up and down, excited about Hillary Clinton. All the energy is on the GOP side. Excitement gets people to the polls, and Trump isn’t just taking Republican or Democrat voters. He is getting previously non-voting people to sign up.

Whether they actually GO to the polls depends on keeping up the momentum.

Victory lap or car crash, it’ll be quite the finish I’m sure.




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