It’s Not What You Say…


October 24, 2015 by JImbo

…it’s what you wear!

Israeli Soldier Punished for Speaking Out Against Occupation on Television

There is apparently an uproar over this crap on social media.

Comments such as this:

I don’t see why so many people believe this is censorship.

The soldier was not punished for speaking.

He was punished for being on television in uniform without authorization.

Presumably he was off duty since he had the time to go on a television show.

It was a CHOICE to wear his uniform off duty instead of simply wearing his street clothes. He wanted to make a statement. He wanted to remind them that he was a soldier and was SPEAKING FOR OTHER SOLDIERS.

That’s why he was punished. He was not authorized to speak for the military or other soldiers. He had every ability to go on the show on his own time, in his own clothes.

It’s the same as if anyone wore any uniform in an unofficial capacity. If a Starbucks worker went on television in a uniform with “STARBUCKS” on it and said “My friends at Starbucks thinks our coffee sucks and Dunkin Donuts is a lot better” she would probably be fired. We would shake our heads and say “dumbass. Of COURSE they’re gonna fire you for wearing your work shirt and saying that on TV!”

Why do we think it’s any different in this case?

No one is stopping the Starbucks worker from wearing jeans and a T-shirt on TV and saying whatever she wants. No one is stopping this soldier from going on TV and saying whatever he wants. They just can’t do it IN UNIFORM!



One thought on “It’s Not What You Say…

  1. Anonymous says:

    That is not public perception. Led on by the media!

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