The Vatican does NOT own Beretta Guns nor is this “news”


October 3, 2015 by JImbo

Just because you see something on Facebook doesn’t mean it’s true… or “news.”

Remember that “news” has in it the word “new.”

A debunked hoax from 2012 is neither true nor “new.”

Folks are STILL passing this around today as “news.”

Vatican Bank is main shareholder in Beretta Arms

I dunno if people just ignore the obvious date of 2012 on it or not.

However, I do know that 99.9% of people DO NOT research the crap that comes across their social media “news” feeds. They just repost it without thinking or looking it up.

If Facebook says it, then it MUST be true!

I guess with the Pope coming here to America last week people are searching for the “Pope” and coming up with this news story instead. Then they see what they want to see.

(“The Pope is a hypocrite? Oooooh I KNEW IT! I knew he was too good to be true!”)

Well, if there’s one thing I hate it’s tapioca pudding. Besides that it’s lying. I HATE lying.

So, when I find it (or even it’s smarmy cousin “misinformation”), I try to fight it. Yes I know it’s a never-ending pointless task but the song goes “If you don’t stand for anything you’ll fall for everything.”

Or something like that.

Anyway, part of the reason for this site is to expose rumors, falsehoods, misinformation and lies.

So, here goes.

I’m not a fan of the Pope. I think he’s terrible. However, I’m not doing this for him.

the truth is the truth.

It deserves to be known.

Luckily, this was all done for us already WAY back in 2012 by an Italian investigative reporter.

So, I’ll leave it over to them.

Scroll to the bottom for the summary of the story.


“Thus Was Born a False Report” from

It’s in Italian so I’ll post a translation for you:
The latest campaign against the Church of intoxication, dismantled step by step
Thus he was born a false report: the canard about the Vatican and the Beretta arms factory
FollowElentirVigo Mar 7 · 8 · 2012 · 8:22 154

Right now Google gives over 39,000 results for a false report that says the Vatican, through the Institute for the Works of Religion, is one of the main shareholders of “the largest arms industry in the world.” In this post I will show you where the hoax originated, how it relates to reality and how it has come to be broadcast are having today.

An Italian secular newspaper gave a news category rumor internetero

The origin of this hoax is in Italy, where he appeared on February 11 in digital secularist daily Cronache Laiche . In an unsigned article entitled “IOR, Monopoly and Risk” , said means internetero echo of a rumor that in a curious concept of journalistic ethics category of news was made: “Circle of the network by the news according to which the famous Institute for the Works of Religion, or economic secular arm of the Vatican, would be one of the largest shareholders of historical weapons manufacturer Beretta, second only after the Beretta family that own the most. “Cronache Laiche not a single web linking, or mentioned the source which had taken such a fib.

Beretta denied in an official note that the IOR is to its shareholders

Twelve days after posting the hoax, he said secularist daily included in this news the following disclaimer:

    Updated 23/02/2012

    It states that the news a while flowing through the network of a share of IOR in the Pietro Beretta from that spoken in the article has received no official confirmation of the parties directly involved. However, there is a recent statement by the Fabbrica Armi Pietro Beretta is reported in full:

    FAPB official statement:
    “In connection with the spread in recent days news about the composition of the Beretta Holding, the company denies in the strongest way the IOR or its related companies are the shareholders of the company or its subsidiaries. Beretta Holding, which controls a group of companies mainly active in the field of sport, hunting and leisure, is a family owned company 15 generations. “
    LUISA Achino
    Communication and PR
    Clothes, accessories and retail

I noted in bold resounding denial of that hoax made the Beretta own, despite the secularist newspaper which simply said, with great cynicism, the hoax “has received no official confirmation.” This way of manipulating the information shows the unscrupulousness of the newspaper. But if seeking to harm because they had achieved: to give credibility to the hoax and take 12 days to recognize that the information was not even confirmed Cronache Laiche intoxication that helped spread throughout the network. Proof of this is that the introductory text of the news gives 113 results in Google , while the text of denial added 12 days after just throws 3 results .

An Italian blog fattened overstating the canard Beretta

The pre-publish the denial said Beretta, a blog leftist day “I Segreti della Casta” , published the hoax under the title: “The Vatican Bank (IOR) is the largest shareholder of the main arms factory Italian “The article read as follows:” Few know that the FABBRICA D’ARMI PIETRO BERETTA spa (one of the industries biggest weapons in the world) is controlled by the group Beretta Holding SpA and the controlling shareholder of Beretta Holding SpA, after Ugo Beretta Gussalli is resoundingly the IOR (the Institute for the Works of Religion), the Vatican Bank! “

Note one detail: in the headline spoke of “the main factory of Italian weapons,” but in the text is presented as “one of the biggest industries in the world weapons.” We have already seen that the claim that such property is the Church among its shareholders-and whether directly or indirectly was false. Now for the list of the 10 largest arms companies in the world as report 2012 Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) :

    The 10 largest arms-producing companies, 2010
    (Country)     Arms sales
    ($ M.)     Profit
    ($ M.)
    1     Lockheed Martin     35,730     2926
    2     BAE Systems (UK)     32,880     1671
    3     Boeing     31,360     3307
    4     Northrop Grumman     28,150     2053
    5     General Dynamics     23,940     2624
    6     Raytheon     22,980     1879
    7     EADS (trans-Europe)     16,360     732
    8     Finmeccanica (Italy)     14,410     738
    9     L-3 Communications     13,070     955
    10     United Technologies     11,410     4711

As you can see, the only Italian company that is listed Finmeccanica , a group covering different industries, from aviation industry to space technology , through the systems of defense . As the table indicates, the Finmeccanica arms sales in 2010 amounted to 14,410 million.

Can you imagine a Beretta in a list like that the answer lies in? the website of the company , which states: “. In 2009 Beretta Holding reached a consolidated turnover of € 450.2 million” seems little probably with revenues and Beretta to deserve the title of “one of the biggest industries in the world weapons.” What is more, in March the SIPRI published the list of 100 largest arms industries of the world . Include 8 Italian companies or Italian subsidiaries by equity, three of which belong to Finmeccanica. Most of these companies is the aeronautical sector. Beretta, which makes guns, not even listed.

a photo of a Cardinal was used in a museum to give veracity to hoax

It notes that in this release and dissemination of false information hoax not only asserted: hand misrepresentation of a photo also fell. I refer to the following, which published on that blog entry dedicated to this hoax:

The intention to publish this picture was clear: to show a cleric trying one of these odious weapons that would manufacture Beretta for the benefit of the Church. Not a few sites have even said that this photo was taken at a weapons factory. Like the blog “I Segreti della Casta”, more than 700 websites that picture reproduced by the hoax about Beretta . Anyway, as I said, Beretta manufactures small arms, and the cardinal is holding a sniper rifle. On February 26 the newspaper Avvenire told the truth about that picture , “Cardinal Jozef Glemp’s photo. Brandishing the weapon is not a gun Beretta, but the new rifle Dragunov SVD, called in Russian military circles “balalaika”, which is inspired by the American Esr Xm2010, originally known as M24. (…) The photo was taken during the visit of Cardinal museum of American Cold War. “Precisely the cardinal in question is Polish. It seems that certain elements can not forgive for his years of resistance to communist tyranny and make use of manipulations like this as revenge.

Likewise, the use of this photo to reinforce a false news about the Church and Beretta greatly resembles spreading a photo of Benedict young , so creeping cut to convey the idea that made the Nazi salute. It seems that anything goes them certain elements provided discredit the Catholic Church.

The hoax fat and ignorant calumny makes

One of the first sites in Spanish that became echo of the hoax was the Dominican blog . If the hoax had already been gaining weight as it passes through different hands, this time the author of the blog had no qualms about resorting to slander the holder Lack of agreement includes- the hoax like this: “The Vatican, The Mayor ? World arms dealers “The entry in question consisted of six paragraphs, but only the first was the hoax about Beretta in these terms:

    “Maybe a few people will know that the arms factory Pietro Beretta Ltda. (The largest arms industry in the world) and is controlled by the Holding SpA Beretta and the majority shareholder of the Beretta Holding SpA after Gussalli Ugo Beretta, is the IOR (Institute for the Works of Religion [commonly known as the Vatican Bank]) private institution, founded in 1942 by Pope Pius XII and headquartered in Vatican City. ”

Note the evolution of this false news: while continuing asserting a nonexistent relationship between the Church and said arms company, and denied by it, in this version of the hoax Beretta already become “the largest arms industry in the world,” a statement can only provoke laughter among those who have some knowledge of the arms industry. Based on this nonsense, said without the slightest support of verifiable information is passed directly and to submit to the Vatican as a major “arms dealer” in the world. Besides slander, redifusor the hoax, which proves to be completely ignorant on these issues- does not find any difference between a legal arms company and an arms dealer.

A journal of Costa Rica copied the hoax of a blog and further manipulated

Based on the text which contained this blog we got to this network now covers the image :

Published a Costa Rican newspaper, Diario Extra , July 27: the text is the same of that Dominican blog, with their falsehoods and blunders, but also adding a sensational and false owner could not be more. This time the Vatican is no longer the shareholder of a major Italian arms companies, or “the largest arms industry in the world.” Breaking all records of manipulation and sensationalism, this time it is presented without the Vatican Bank as “the major shareholder of arms in the world.” Such stupidity would be laughable if it has not had swallowed many people, certainly willing to believe any tale to tell them about the Church, which is very fat. In fact, the text of the news of the newspaper even endorse such stupidity holder, which gives an idea of the fudge they mean by “journalism” in the Diario Extra.

Anyway, I only ask one thing to those who reach this hoax: that linking this entry or answer any other web that play (do not have to ask permission to copy, simply cite the source). It can not be that the lie is spread so easily without the deserved response.


The whole thing is made up. One website posted the hoax with no facts or sources. They said “no confirmation of the story from official sources.”

People saw what they wanted to see and posted it like crazy. It confirmed whatever biases they had and they didn’t NEED evidence. After all some dude on the Internet said it so it must be true, right?

Did they even ask anyone? Beretta and the Vatican both say no.

Beretta and the Vatican both posted vehement denials.

And we claim we are a “modern, educated” society? Where is this “media savvy public” I hear about? People claim to be experts at detecting hoaxes and lies yet they get suckered in a LOT.

Call it human nature.







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