Traffic Camera Fees Put Cleveland in the Red!


September 16, 2015 by JImbo

Cleveland Charged Hefty Fines By Traffic Camera Company

So the City of Cleveland was paying $300,000 a MONTH for the cameras and it still made a surplus of $9 MILLION?
Now let’s do the math… $303,670 a month times 29 months left is… oh would you look at that… the city has a $9 million surplus so Xerox wants… $8.8 million! Well… actually with fees and camera removal fees… let’s make a flat $9 million.
They say “unspecified amount” but it’s right there if you add it up.

Imagine that… the city will be left with NADA.
Well that turned out well.

In fact, depending on “cleanup” costs I bet are in the contract they might even be in the red after this is all over.

Although it makes you wonder… what exactly is Xerox doing that costs about $5,000 a traffic camera A MONTH? (Divide $303,670 by 63 cameras and it’s over $4,800 a month)

They aren’t manned. They don’t need much repair. The cameras themselves are pretty damn cheap. (Hell, you can get a similar one for snapping pics of deer for a couple hundred bucks)

So why does Xerox need 5 GRAND every month to run ONE traffic camera? I know there’s admin fees and such but… hell even $4,000 a month for one camera is a pretty expensive way to go about things.

Ya know… for that kind of money I could PAY a cop to stand there and write tickets. Let’s see… $4,000 a month times 12 months in a year is $48,000 a year. That’s about what a cop makes, if not MORE than what a rookie cop makes.

So, yes we could simply station a cop on every street corner and SAVE MONEY compared to a “cost effective” traffic camera.

Way to get fleeced, Cleveland.

You really screwed yourself this time.

Maybe when Rochester finds theirs are useless and unnecessary Xerox will give them a discount since it’s a local company.

Probably not.

Now just imagine what all those NSA systems cost that have never caught a terrorist.


One thought on “Traffic Camera Fees Put Cleveland in the Red!

  1. patrick russell says:

    Xerox needs the money- they don’t make anything anymore!


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