How About Danish? No Thanks We’re Full


September 14, 2015 by JImbo

Denmark Refuses To Take More Syrian Refugees

Well darnit. First Germany, now Denmark. (Oh and half the other countries have already said no prior to that such as Greece, Italy, etc)

In fact you can see the path quite clearly.

Turkey said they’re full. Then Greece. Hungary. Austria. Germany. Denmark.

Once you hit the North Sea there’s really nowhere left to go. Looks like Europe is filling up fast. Of course we could just KILL ISIS and let the Syrians go home but I don’t see that happening with the SEVEN bombing attacks a day.

Gulf War we were doing a THOUSAND. For this huge threat from ISIS and a massive humanitarian crisis…. seven. That’s it.

No troops.

No real support.

In fact, we’re actively trying to stop the Syrian government from fighting ISIS.

Yup. We are fighting the people that are fighting ISIS.

So that makes us… allies of ISIS?


I’m told it’s really a brilliant foreign policy that I just don’t have the sophisticated education and training to understand. Us plebes don’t get it. It’s far too nuanced for us to grasp.

Meanwhile the whole Middle East is crumbling and refugees are streaming out by the MILLIONS.

If that counts as “successful” foreign policy experience (Madame Clinton) then I sure don’t want to see a REAL failure!

I kind of like Denmark’s changes to make the country less inviting to “fake” refugees though.


One thought on “How About Danish? No Thanks We’re Full

  1. patrick russell says:

    If a major commitment were made to end these wars the people would go home!

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