9-11: Tragedy and Hope


September 11, 2015 by JImbo

There’s a debate on how to honor the memory of 9-11 now.
Some say it is better forgotten.
Other say “Never Forget!”
Still others say it’s “disrespectful to the victims.”

I’ll apologize now and say if you want to forget it, DON’T watch this video. In fact if you don’t want to see disturbing things you shouldn’t even be on Facebook today.. or watching TV.

To me it was very real. I was there. The recovery operations. Body parts. The smell. Still burning a week later.

Went overseas twice thanks to this act of evil. We’re STILL fighting the same ideology that cause this tragedy. No, we should NOT “forget it.”

You can’t learn from what you don’t know, and there are kids in 9th grade who weren’t BORN when it happened. They only know it through what they see once a year. I refuse to make this some random minor footnote of history, or some “day of service” disconnected from what actually happened.

It was an evil, terrible act by a brutal dogma that is STILL slaughtering people today under the same banners, calling themselves by ISIS or dozens of different names.

If you don’t like it, don’t watch the video. Keep your head in the sand. Accept the fiction that the millions of refugees streaming out of Syria and Iraq are somehow for “economic reasons” or some other ridiculous excuse. Keep letting genocide happen.

Then your children will be so surprised when their cries of “It can’t happen HERE!” ring falsely hollow. Oh no? What part didn’t happen here?
The Japanese-American concentration camps?
The Native American slaughters?
The imprisoning of people for their ancestry and religion?
Or lots of terrorist attacks?

No, nothing bad can ever happen to us here. All we need to do is ignore the rest of the world and it’ll all sort itself out.

Balderdash! This is where I split with my Libertarian fellows. While we don’t need an Empire, we DO need a strong military and a definite sense of American Nationalism. We need to be able to defend our country and our citizens.

We are NOT just another chunk of land with random human beings living on it. We are founded on an IDEAL of Freedom. We are a symbol as much as a country; a beacon to the

Symbols must be destroyed and beacons must be doused if the world is to remain in the shrouds of darkness. As such we will ALWAYS be a target even if we do nothing at all. Simply existing is enough. As long as we do we are evidence that there is another way… that there is hope.

So, that’s what 9-11 means to me. Sadness but hope. We all came together that day, however briefly and remembered that. We remembered the tragedy, but also the hope.

And now they want us to forget already?
Sorry, ma’am.
I can’t do that.

Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.
Edmund Burke


One thought on “9-11: Tragedy and Hope

  1. patrick russell says:

    No intention to forget.

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