A Greek Friday Night


June 27, 2015 by JImbo

This is how many Greeks spent their Friday nights… waiting in line at the ATM.


Because there is no guarantee their money will be there on Monday morning.

(link to picture. I’d give credit but can’t pronounce the guy’s name in Greek)

According to Zerohedge.com

“…Alpha Bank, which has announced that web banking will “operate with limited functionality” over the weekend, happens to have the smallest ELA buffer of the four major Greek banks. 

And of course, Greek PM Alexis Tsipras has just called for a referendum on euro membership to be held next Sunday.

Draw your own conclusions.”

In case you’re new to this blog, I’ll sum up the past few years of the Greece/European Union (EU) relationship.

Greece: Wah, we need money! We’re broke!

Europe: Okay… we feel bad for you. Here’s some money.

Greece: Yay! Take the rest of the week off boys! We’re loaded!

(next week)

Greece: We’re broke again!

Europe: We just gave you billions of euros to spend. What happened to that?

Greece: Duh, we spent it! That’s what it’s for!

Europe: To pay bills and get out of debt…

Greece: No, to buy NEW COOL STUFF, duh!

(next week)

Greece: Hey, we’re broke again!

Europe: No, THIS time you have to agree to be RESPONSIBLE with your money and PAY US BACK!
Greece: What? Screw you!

*throws a tantrum*

Europe: Fine, fine just… stop crying and rioting and breaking things.

Greece: No promises. (Hey boys we got money! WOO HOO!)

Europe: *sighs*

(next week)

Greece: Guess whaaaaaaat! *wink wink*

Europe: Lemme guess… you’re broke again.

Greece: Bingo! So… gimme some money.

Europe: AND?

Greece: Gimme money NOW?

Europe: And what are you going to do about paying us back for the money we already GAVE you?

Greece: We SPENT it. What, I feel like I have to repeat myself everytime I come for more money.

Europe: Why don’t you GET A JOB?

Greece: Whoa whoa whoa, you want that BACK? You cheap bastards! How the hell are we gonna sit on the beach and work on our tans if you cheap Nazi bastards keep cutting us off and make us beg for money!

Europe: Okay, THIS time you have to make a plan to pay us back. No joke. THIS TIME you will pay us back.

Greece: UUUUUUGH. Fiiiiiiine. Geez. You’re such a buzz kill.

Europe: Here, I drew up a list of things you have to cut back on.

Greece: NO FREE VACATIONS? What the hell is that shit? NO RETIREMENT AT 35 years old??? You want me to work till I’m 36??? That’s insane man! I can’t spend my golden years working!

Europe: It’s that or no money.

Greece: Fine.. just… gimme the money jerk.

(next week0

Greece: Heeeeeeey buddy…

Europe: Hey… where’s the other guy?

Greece: Oh that was the OLD president. He wanted us to cut spending and crazy stuff. No we kicked him out. I’m the new National Socialist guy.

Europe: Wait.. Nationalist…Socialist… that’s what Nazi stands for.

Greece: Oh JUST because we have a swastika on our flag does NOT mean our “Golden Dawn” party is Nazi! Sheesh, you racist Germans outta know that!

Europe: Fine fine. Do what you want, but no more money. You didn’t stop spending! You are FURTHER in debt than before!

Greece: You’re really breakin my balls here man! I KINDA got elected on the whole “We won’t pay taxes and screw you Europe” so you can’t leave me hanging here. I mean.. we’re BUDDIES remember?

Europe: Only when you want money apparently.

Greece: Well yeah, that’s our THING. I come for money.. you yell like a cranky old white guy… I turn on the charm… promise some stuff we don’t do… then leave with lots of cash. Hey, if the system works don’t knock it right?

Europe: No. You REALLY need to stop this. I can’t go to my voters and ask for MORE money to give to you to go on vacation with.

Greece: But that’s our THING man! You can’t stop OUR THING!


Greece: We’re totally gonna riot bro.

Europe: I don’t care. I got Italy and Spain already asking for the “Greece Treatment.” This has got to stop.

Greece: Alright… I’ll just shut down the banks and take the peoples’ money as a new “the Germans are being douchebags and won’t give us more money” tax. Then the people will TOTALLY riot and you’ll feel like crap won’t you?

Europe: Look, we don’t want anyone made but…

Greece: And we’re TOTALLY gonna leave the European Union if you don’t give us the money. I MEAN it this time. Why hang around for your lame meetings if we don’t get paid for it? What in it for US, man?

Europe: I’m sorry you feel that way…

Greece: Yup, we’re voting on Sunday. Gonna totally go our own way. Then we’ll be all poor on the street and maybe DIE and how will you feel then huh? How you gonna feel when we’re dead and starving and stuff on the streets of Africa? HUH GERMANS? HOW YOU GONNA FEEL?

Europe: Don’t forget your surfboard.


Europe: Oh, and your CD collection too. I can’t stand that shit music you play.

Greece: Mooooooooom! Dad’s being a dick again!

President Obama: Now now.. I’m sure we can all work this out over milk and cookies…

Greece: I know MOM loves me at least…

Europe: Fine, go live with her.

President Obama: Alright let’s not go too overboard here. I still got Mexico to feed and take care of.

One thought on “A Greek Friday Night

  1. pat russell says:

    Am really surprised the Union has held as long as it has. The more socialist a country is the less frugal they are. They are as strong as their weekest link. That is Greece right now.


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