New York State’s Father’s Day Present- “Don’t Even THINK of Going Fishing With Your Dad!”


June 20, 2015 by JImbo

There better not be any fishing poles in your hands, boys!

While there is no “good” time for a system crash there are particularly BAD times for it.

Father’s Day is one of the biggest fishing days of the year. It’s a rite of tradition in many families for the old man to go out fishing with the kids. It’s a “Dad” thing and has been for years.

Am i surprised that New York State chose THIS weekend to have their hunting and fishing license system down?


It does not.

In fact it seems it’s more broken than ever before.

Did I mention they intentionally switched to a foreign company as “cheaper” and since then it has been broken more often than not? Kind of like the Obamacare website only it works even worse.

No, big government failing terribly doesn’t surprise me.

What does is that when vendors call to ask about what to do they’re told “I don’t know.”

What’s wrong with the system?

“I don’t know.”

How long will the system be down?

“I don’t know.”

Will we be punished for fishing without a license if we CAN’T BUY ONE?

“I don’t know.”

Thank you for clearing that up, useless State bureaucrat.

Oh and Happy Father’s Day.

Just don’t THINK of going fishing.

Otherwise you’re a criminal and will be punished for spending time with your father in nature.

That’s technically ILLEGAL in this state until they “fix the system.”

I have a few suggestions for how to “fix” the system… permanently.


3 thoughts on “New York State’s Father’s Day Present- “Don’t Even THINK of Going Fishing With Your Dad!”

  1. pat russell says:

    The following weekend is free fishing. They couldn’t do it then, no matter if it crashed.


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