Kung Fury- Relive the Awesome that was the 1980s Action Movie

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May 31, 2015 by JImbo

Kung Fu?



A foul mouthed robot who shoots lasers when it flips you off?

A valkyrie?That fights Nazis with machine guns?

Cell phones as big as your head?

David Hasselhoff?

(Seriously I think the cell phone scene was my favorite of the whole movie…watch it and you’ll see why)

This is a terrible movie spoof that is one part Double Dragon, one part Miami Vice and one part Bill and Ted, Part Conan. Although it’s filmed in remarkably accurate 1980s style, it is a modern indy film release available here on youtube.

As if that wasn’t bad ass enough, it even has its own “Double Dragon”-esque video game from the movie.

If you see one movie this year, this one would be it. Put on your converse sneakers, grab your boom box, put on your Nintendo Power Glove and hit “play” on the Betamax.

And when the computer asks you:

Hit YES!

Will YOU like this movie?

Here’s a typical scene.

Kung Fury: (supernatural kung fu time traveling cop): What year is this?

Barbariana: (Viking with a gatling gun riding a giant wolf): This is the Viking Age.

Kung Fury: Well, that explains the Laser Raptor then.

Do you think this is insane, awesome or insanely awesome?

I just about lost it when the god Thor says “Stop! Hammer time…”

Official Website:



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