Second State Gets Out of Marriage Business


May 2, 2015 by JImbo

Alabama to Follow Oklahoma in Keeping the Government out of Marriage

So that “crazy solution” that would never happen… is already about to become law in a second state. It is the “third way” in politics.

Currently since a state decides what the definition of “official marriage” is, then they have to piss one side or the other off. Either the Republicans demand that marriage has to be “only a man and a woman”… or the Democrats demand that marriage can NOT be “just a man and a woman.”

No middle ground it would seem…. unless you say “screw you both” and go Libertarian (ie “Freedom”)

Instead of using the government as a sledgehammer to enforce YOUR views on either side, why not just get the government out of the marriage business entirely? The government can give you a piece of paper that says you have a “social contract” with another person… any person… whoever you want. However, it doesn’t have to be CALLED “marriage.”

It doesn’t have to be done in any particular church or any particular faith or even a faith at all. The government simply doesn’t CARE in this case about your “marriage” (or lack thereof.) It’s just a ceremony to them.

In that way the government isn’t PRO or ANTI anything. The whole religious/social aspect of the relationship is irrelevant.

Perhaps we are beginning to see the start of a “third way”… the way of neither political party… the way towards more FREEDOM.


One thought on “Second State Gets Out of Marriage Business

  1. Pat Russell says:

    Sometimes a cop out is the best way.


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