Scientists Once Again Lie About “Water Driven Car” aka “How To Not Get Stoned Again”


April 27, 2015 by JImbo

Scientists Makes Car Run on Water

It’s not. It never will be. It’s just false headlines backed up by an ignorance of science.

The basic fact behind this is that water is not “fuel.” It doesn’t contain much energy in it. In fact, water is the EXHAUST of a pr

oduct to produce energy. When you burn hydrogen gas with oxygen such as in a rocket engine you get….water.

Yes, water is a byproduct of burning.

Water is technically “pollution.”

Is your mind blown yet?

So is CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) which we BREATHE OUT.

So cars aren’t the leading cause of pollution. PEOPLE ARE. Few million cars… few BILLION people. You do the math.

And don’t get me on how much Methane is produced every year.

Methane is what farts are pretty much.

You can mentally substitute that whenever you hear that in the news too.

Anyway, back to the fictional “water fuel.”

The story basically destroys the headline .

They would have you believe that you put water in the tank and VROOM.

Off you go.

Nothing could be further from the


What happens is you need electricity in your car first.

Cars run on electricity already.

We use that electricity to break water into Hydrogen and Oxygen (essentially that rocket engine in reverse.) So, when you send electricity through water you end up with Oxygen and Hydrogen.

We already have cars run on Hydrogen.
And planes and rockets.

And it’s more expensive to make than just using the electricity to drive the car in the first place. Even if it’s 50% efficient, we would get TWICE as much mileage by just putting that electricity in a battery instead of making Hydrogen with it.

Now, they further took the Hydrogen and added more and more chemicals and processes until you get diesel fuel.

Their “70% efficiency” is bull crap. Generating electricity in the first place is rarely 70% efficient. Now they want us to believe that it’s 100% conversion to Hydrogen, then 100% conversion in three additional processes to get from CO to CO2 to Diesel fuel?

Are you kidding me?

It’s a lie. Or as the Audi lawyers would say “not exactly the whole truth.”

At best it’s maybe 20% efficient from electricity to diesel. Plus, just as in electric cars you must ask… WHERE DOES THE ELECTRICITY COME FROM?

You still have to get the electricity from somewhere. Even at 80-90% from Natural Gas it’s not “free.” In many places coal is still burned… or nuclear.

Is that “clean?”

Look, I understand the desire for the desire for marketing. Audi is reaping that all over.

I also understand the usefulness of something that goes into the diesel system as-is. We already have thousands of truck stops carrying diesel. No need to change the whole system right?

Yet we already HAVE the capability to make pretty cheap bio-diesel from non-edible plants and algae, among other sources. I DO think that diesel alternatives are the way to go.

The military is even leading the way by producing more and more diesel alternatives. (And since aviation-grade kerosene/jet fuel is similar that also works.)

However, they’re not pretending to create “energy out of water.”

Or air.

This reminds me of the story of “Stone Soup.”

For those who don’t know the story, there is a beggar in town one day and he is very hungry. So, he convinces gullible villagers that he is a famous cook who can make “Stone Soup” for them that is the most delicious in the world and “All it will take is water and a single small stone.”

So, they give him the water and a stone in a huge cauldron. But, he says “It’ll be better if we add some spices… for flavoring.”

So he gets some spices donated.

Then some vegetables… then some meat… until the whole pot is filled with stew.

And hence the “stone soup” contains very little “stone” and is basically old fashioned soup with a tiny stone in it.


2 thoughts on “Scientists Once Again Lie About “Water Driven Car” aka “How To Not Get Stoned Again”

  1. Pat Russell says:

    The story I remember was Napoleonic French soldiers & soup. Where is the Flux Capacitor when you need it?


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