Colorado Says Baker Didn’t Discriminate in Refusing to Make Anti-Gay Cake


April 6, 2015 by JImbo

How is this NOT discrimination?
Yet refusing to make a pro-gay-marriage cake IS?


On a side note, the “fixes” to the Indiana law reportedly make it illegal for businesses to choose not to service gay weddings… and upgrade the penalties. So the “Religious Freedom” act is actually now being used to RESTRICT religion.

How wonderful.

Can you get more Orwellian?


A Colorado government agency has ruled that a baker who refused to make cakes featuring anti-gay messages did not discriminate against the man who requested them.

Last year, William Jack asked Denver’s Azucar Bakery for two bible-shaped cakes featuring images of groomsmen crossed out with a red “X” and phrases like “Homosexuality is a detestable sin. Leviticus 18.2,” local ABC station NEWS7 Denver reports. The bakery’s owner, Marjorie Silva, told Jack she would make the bible-shaped cakes and provide icing for him to add his own message, but she wouldn’t apply such “hateful and offensive” messages because her bakery “does not discriminate.”

Jack complained to the Colorado Civil Rights Division, accusing Silva of denying him goods or services based on his religion. But the agency recently ruled that Silva’s refusal to make the cakes was motivated by the “derogatory language and imagery,” and not because of religious discrimination. “In the…

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2 thoughts on “Colorado Says Baker Didn’t Discriminate in Refusing to Make Anti-Gay Cake

  1. Pat Russell says:

    I don’t like his message- but it is discrimination under their law. I don’t like the law either.


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