The Cost of Hate ($842,000 raised for “Anti-Gay” Pizza Shop by Supporters of Free Speech)


April 5, 2015 by JImbo

Memories Pizza fund tops $842,000

The story is in the article for those who have been living under a rock lately. My point here isn’t to fight the issue again. It’s to comment on how we behave as human beings.

I fully believe that the Free Market should decide these issues.

By that I mean YOU and ME.


As human beings.

We should be adults enough to decide what we are and are not willing to do based on our consciences. Then, provided we don’t go out and hurt someone, we should be then judged by those actions in the free market of ideas and commerce.

I believe that you don’t lose your rights when you take a risk and open a business. In my private life I have the right to associate with anyone I want to. Or, conversely to NOT associate with them.

The government doesn’t tell me who I MUST be friends with. I get the option to add Facebook friends or not. I can choose NOT to spend time with Weird Larry down the street.

Why should I lose that God given right if I open a business? If I’m invited to a wedding, I get to choose if I go or stay home. No one disputes that.

What is the difference between me choosing to go to a wedding as myself or as the owner of a family business? I am the same person. There is no law that says I LOSE my Constitutional rights when I start fixing cars or making cakes… or pizzas.

To me it is the epitome of rude to DEMAND that someone cater (literally) to your every wish. The customer is just as able to LEAVE as they are to ENTER a business. Plenty of fish in the sea.

In many ways this would be better for the world. If we allowed all the racists to go to the “racist friendly” bar on the other side of town, we would know exactly where to avoid. Wouldn’t that be handy to know up front?

Who goes into a business explicitly wanting to make life miserable for both the owner and themselves? Why go into a shop demanding the ONE service the owner doesn’t want to do? There are 99 other shops you could go to but you pick the ONE that doesn’t agree with you?

Then SUE them?

That is a dick move.


What gives YOU the right to deny THEM their rights? Why has that side of the equation been lost in all this? When did it become ENCOURAGED to be rude and abusive to people to “teach them a lesson?”

Let’s be honest about this. The reason this pizza shop closed wasn’t because they couldn’t get customers. A reporter did a “hit piece” on them and then activist groups started lighting up their phones with prank calls. They were verbally abused and people ordered pizza then never picked it up to “screw with them.”

So, basically typical behavior for 12 year olds on Halloween. So, the “debate” had already gotten off to great start when the threats of violence started. One teacher tried to get a mob to “burn the shop to the ground.”

This is the face of “tolerance” in America today? Whatever happened to “Well we won’t eat there anymore!” That always worked in the past.

Why all the HATE?

To be clear, like in every case before this the owner did not “refuse to serve gay people.” He hypothetically said he didn’t support gay marriage. He hypothetically didn’t want to attend a gay marriage… even to deliver a pizza.

(Who has pizza at a wedding? Was this whole protest organized by 12 year old boys?)

He specifically said he would sell them anything in the shop. The specific task was rejected, not the customers. Do people not get this point or do they not WANT to get it?

That is Freedom of Assembly. What is the alternative? Requiring the owner MUST do EVERY special order? That’s insane. How is that enforceable?

Would a black caterer be ORDERED to do the KKK annual convention?

That’s just plain ignorant.

So, in short the “market” never had a chance to work. People jumped in and acted criminally. That’s NOT how adults solve their problems.

Bullying is so… well… what grade are 12 year olds in? 7th? Junior High?)

You can react to differences in three ways:





What we saw was Negative. Criminal violence. Hatred. Ignorance. Division.

What most people will do is Neutral. This is by default “tolerance.” There is a huge difference between “tolerance” and “acceptance.” I may not LIKE what you have to say, but I won’t OPPOSE you believing that. I’m not actively for or against you. You do your thing, I do mine. That’s true TOLERANCE.

This also includes all LEGAL methods of opposition. For example, boycotting a restaurant you don’t like or simply speaking to friends about it.

Finally, there is the Positive reaction. You can voice support or do a “buycott” as was done with Chick-Fil-A. (Chick-Fil-A had the best sales in history at their stores when people all went and got lunch there. Didn’t hurt anyone.)

That is what happened in this fundraiser. People went out and actively SUPPORTED a cause they thought was just. In this case, they knew the owner was afraid to open his pizza shop out of fear and so raised money to keep them afloat in the meantime until it blew over (and to cover the costs of the vandalism and criminal interference.)

I’d LIKE to say that the “Pro-Gay” groups were positive in this one, but they weren’t. They didn’t just support their cause. They broke the law and harrassed people. They showed hatred and bullying.

Being ACTIVE does not mean positive. It just means active. Most violence is pretty darn active, but far from a good thing.

That’s why I like this story. It shows you can respond positively without resorting to hatred and bullying. How ironic that the “haters” were the ones NOT showing those qualities in this situation. They actively showed compassion for those hating them.

How ironic.

One thought on “The Cost of Hate ($842,000 raised for “Anti-Gay” Pizza Shop by Supporters of Free Speech)

  1. Pat Russell says:

    Liberal news did not say it was “hypothetical”. They wanted this hate. ps I would take the money for my business & run.

    Liked by 1 person

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