T-Rex LIVES! (sorta)


April 5, 2015 by JImbo


Scientists Recover T-Rex Soft Tissue

Damn you science! You had assured me that there was NO WAY POSSIBLE that dinosaur tissue and DNA would survive. “It’ll all be fossilized” you say and “it’s impossible to get a viable tissue sample to make a race of dinosaur hybrids to take over the planet like in Jurassic Park!”


Yeah right!

And now THIS!

Have you learned nothing from your experiments with cloned sheep and Michael Jackson?

I’m onto you!

You think you can just release Jurassic Park 4 and lull us into a false sense of security.

“Oh it’s just a movie honey. See? The dinosaurs die in the end.”


At least it’s a T-rex. They’re less of a threat with those tiny little arms and no opposable thumbs.

Now if RAPTORS come back we’re screwed.

(More detailed information here)



2 thoughts on “T-Rex LIVES! (sorta)

  1. Pat Russell says:

    Has anyone told Jeff Goldblum yet?


  2. Chai says:

    Pfft, this is such a ruse.
    Dinosaurs aren’t real. They were created by the goverent to discourage time travel.


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