“Fixed” is a Funny Word


April 5, 2015 by JImbo

Have you ever noticed that “Fix” can be a really good word or a really bad one? For example if your Car is fixed that’s a good thing. If you’re a dog, getting “Fixed” at the vet is not so much fun.

Recently you have all probably noticed there has been a falloff in my posts. Most of that is me being busy with work and Guard stuff. A lot of missions coming up and getting burned out on it honestly. I’m doing a full-timer’s job in the Army in an hour or two each night when I get home from work or at lunch at my REAL job. This “New Army” stuff is bullcrap. It’s harder and more time consuming than ever to get even simple things done that used to be easy.

For example the paperwork (on actual paper) that now costs more and is more time intensive on the “labor saving” computer than it ever was on actual paper.

Or the continual classes on sexual harrassment every month. As if we somehow FORGOT not to sexually harrass people in the past month? What did people do before they had time wasting classes to sit through to tell you not to rape one another?


I digress. The other big reason is this dumb-assed new post editor they have. It’s TERRIBLE. It takes forever to post things and doesn’t have half the functionality of the original “classic” one. Not sure if it’s just ignorance on the part of the developers of WordPress, or looking for job security, or an alien plot to take over the world.

I do know it makes it a pain to get anything done. So, things have been slow. I did find a workaround for now. Of course I don’t expect it to last long so we’ll see how that goes. All we’re asking for is a simple button to switch back and forth between the two modes without having to install more programs and design a way around it to get a SIMPLE bit of work done.

If anyone is also a blogger maybe you can share your experiences. Do you care for the new interface? I can’t stand it and if they do finally get rid of the old one I’ll probably move to a different website.


Anyway, here’s a poll/petition one of the users set up after the developers basically blew us off in a discussion forum on the issue.

Poll: Do you like the new blog editor or not?

As of right now, it stands at over 3,000 responses, with 6 saying they like it.

Granted, it’s not a professional poll but when 3,000 of your users are just demanding a CHOICE (that doesn’t involve installing more programs and programming a work-around) then it should tell you something.

The original poster is shooting for 5,000 votes to send a message to the developers.

Fingers crossed.

I’ll try to keep you posted (no pun intended.)


One thought on ““Fixed” is a Funny Word

  1. Pat Russell says:

    Like most big business they don’t actually ask end users what they want. Like Big Govt. they “know” what you need. Poppycock I say!

    Liked by 1 person

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