Shi’Ite Militias Threaten “Death to Americans” Because USAF Helped Them Against ISIS


March 27, 2015 by JImbo

US Aistrikes on ISIS Prompt Shi’ite Militias to Quit Fight

Interesting. The USAF adamantly says they are NOT HELPING THE MILITIAS. I’m not sure how they can tell the difference to be honest. Tikrit isn’t that big. Been there. Done that. Got the T-shirt (and coffee mug.)

The Shi’ite Militias are right next to the Iraqi forces helping them. Many are imbedded WITH Iraqi units. How can you choose to help just the Iraqi Army without helping the Militias fighting beside them?

Do we announce before hand exactly WHO we’re doing it for?

“THIS ONE’S FOR YOU ABDUL! (No not you Mohammed. Get your own damn bombs…)

Sounds like a political statement rather than a practical one.

This whole split over helping/fighting the Iranians is more than a little confusing.

Are we Allies?



Now there are disturbing reports of 150,000 Saudi troops called up and airstrikes happening in Yemen against Iranian-supported militias there. Again… are the Saudis our Allies?

The Saudis apparently asked the Egyptians, Turks, Emiratis and Pakistanis for help against the “Shi’ite Threat on the Suez Canal.”

They have a point geopolitically.

The Iranians already control the entrance to the Persian Gulf. (Side note: We are forced to call it the “Arabian Gulf” in the US military. Hint hint.)

If they manage to control the new rebel government of Yemen, then they will block basically ALL maritime traffic out of the Middle East to the East. Do you realize how far it is out the Mediterranean and around Africa opposed to through the Suez Canal and down the Red Sea?

This impacts every one of those countries directly… AND they’re Sunnis who HATE the Shi’ites. Add to that the fact that the United States is being FRIENDLY with Iran and you can put the pieces together. A Sunni coalition might be taking place where they do the work the United States won’t do.

That could involve bombing those nuclear sites the US and Israel can’t or won’t do. People said it was insane to think about that just a couple years ago. Doesn’t look so far fetched now (given that bombs are already dropping.)


One thought on “Shi’Ite Militias Threaten “Death to Americans” Because USAF Helped Them Against ISIS

  1. Pat Russell says:

    I can’t keep up? We like Iran in Iraq. We’re bombing around Tikrit to help them. We hate them in Yemen. We allied with the Saudis, (intelligence), we are on the fence in Syria because they fight Assad & also Isis?? And we want a nuke deal!


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