Americans Trust Fox News… Or Do They?


March 11, 2015 by JImbo

FOX News Most Trusted Source for Accurate Information

That’s what the headlines scream. Technically they’re right in their main point. More Americans trust Fox News than any other major media news outlet. However, only 25% of Americans trust even Fox News.

That means 75% of Americans don’t truly even trust them.

In fact, the media shows that MOST people don’t trust ANY of the media!

That to me is a much larger finding than any “Fox” connection. The fact that Fox is trusted at ALL makes it stand out from the pack. Perhaps this relates to faith in general? Most Republicans go to Church according to the same survey, so maybe if they’re willing to believe in God, they’re willing to believe in Fox too?

The rest of the country seems unwilling to believe in ANY source of news all that much. Even the vaunted “Daily Show” hardly registers as “trusted.” Funny perhaps, but not “trusted news.”

That’s a MASSIVE finding. Where are the follow up debates? If people don’t trust the big media corporations, where do they get their news? Who DO they trust?

THAT to me seems like a huge story they’re missing out on.

Then again… what media company wants to admit no one trusts them and few even watch them? That would be admitting defeat and failure wouldn’t it?
Far better to ignore the damning results and take pot-shots at the leader… who is also miserably failing… just not quite as bad.

The other huge finding I noticed in the Brookings report was how much Americans had in COMMON.

Time after time the top three issues were WAY ahead of anything else considered important in peoples’ lives. They consistently across EVERY demographic group chose the SAME top three issues as key to the future.



Health Care.

All three things that Obama has FAILED  miserably on. In fact as time goes on people only get MORE concerned about them. Americans are now MORE concerned about jobs than they were in some polls DURING the Recession! That’s not good.

In fact, virtually none of the priorities of the Obama Administration (and Democrats and Republicans and all the elites in Washington) even register with most Americans. Even hard core liberals don’t really care all that much about immigration or climate change. They just aren’t that important.

A party that focuses on JOBS, DEFICIT AND FREE MARKET HEALTH CARE would soar to victory in an election. How do we NOT have a party like that out campaigning?

This is what I mean about a truly “Populist” movement coming in and stealing the show. If a hugely charismatic figure were to come in (refer to my previous post about the rise of Hitler propaganda online) and offer JOBS, CUTTING THE DEBT AND CHEAPER HEALTH CARE… they would win.


According to poll after poll, they’d get over half the vote.


They could very easily ignore EVERY other issue and still win.

How bad do you want a job?

Bad enough to vote for a Nazi?

3 thoughts on “Americans Trust Fox News… Or Do They?

  1. Pat Russell says:

    When the media became & created the news , they created distrust also with their bias. The 24 hour news cycle & programs are not good for the country.


  2. Chai says:

    I trust this blog as one of my new sources 😉


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