Pro-Hitler Propaganda Circulating Again on the Web


March 9, 2015 by JImbo

12 Things You Were Not Told About Hitler

I shouldn’t have to say that I think this article is garbage. However, I’m gonna bet if I don’t people will get the wrong idea. You can’t even mention the “H” word without someone going off without even reading the content.


There, I said it.

He was a monster.

He was up there with Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and Woodrow Wilson.

However, he was popular.

Evil men often are.

It is far easier to be liked if you’re willing to hurt others to get your way.

Now, on to the “revelations about Hitler” that are going around on Facebook and other social media.

I’ve been saying for awhile now that you’d better be careful what you wish for. Right now the system is being broken by folks who want to “fix it.” Unfortunately, the opposite is likely to happen.

You see this has all happened before. Today is VERY much like the 1930s environment in which Hitler gained power.

War weary country with an economic downturn.

Big rift between the “Conservatives” and “Liberals.”

Even overseas the same groups are rising.

The Communists vs the Fascists. The Militants vs the Jihadis.

Left vs Right vs Nationalist vs Zealot.

President Putin is trying to reconstitute the Soviet Empire.

Fascism is rising again in European countries like Greece and Germany.

China is trying to recreate the Japanese “Pacific Co-prosperity Sphere” (ie Empire)

The Jihadis are trying again to spread militant Islam through Arab Nationalism.

It’s happening as it happened before.

So before we go into how “great” Hitler was, let’s ask ourselves what Hitler represented.




Peace (well…in theory as long as no one tried to stop him)


These were things that ALL of those groups promised.

And, they delivered more or less.

It’s amazing how many social programs and tanks you can buy if you nationalize industry, grab the money from the people and murder the Jews to grab their stuff.

Here are 12 things you were not told about Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany:

  1. Hitler Broke Free from the International Banking Cartels

How many times do you hear the common complaint about “greedy banks” and the same distorted stories about how mean and evil they are charging fees for overdrafts and such? Banks have been easy to hate for centuries. Kind of like Jews, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

No one actually stands up for banks even though they are important to our modern economy. They’re simply easy targets. So, when someone wants to vilify them it’s open season.

Of course being so important once you have control OVER the banks, you have control over the money supply and most of industry. Kind of like how the Attorney General has been telling banks not to lend money to gun dealers to drive them out of business. Or how the car companies were threatened with being “cut off” from new loans if they didn’t play ball with the Obama Administration bailout program.

To be clear, this isn’t just about Obama. No, Obama is not Hitler. What I’m saying is that it is easy to trick people into GIVING you power if you can pretend to fix their problems (even problems that don’t exist or that you created!)

No, I don’t think Obama is Hitler any more than I think the corrupt German leaders were evil under the Weimar Republic of 1930s Germany. However, their very corrupt incompetence and willingness to cede power to the Presidency enabled Hitler to rise to power with relative ease.

Keep that in mind. Every “great idea” you support with President Obama will continue under a new president. A likely very hard line president in the future.

A dictator.

So, yeah he “fought the banks” alright. However, it wasn’t to help the Germans. It was to take more power for himself.

  1. Hitler Created a Thriving Economy with No Unemployment

Not technically true. There is never “no unemployment.” However, he did hire a lot of people onto the government payroll. After all, massive public works like the Autobahn highway needed to be done. Kind of like Roosevelt did during the Great Depression.

Of course Hitler also needed lots of soldiers to eventually take over Europe so that required a lot of jobs in the Army and making guns, tanks, bombers, etc.

What you need to remember here is that he brought STABILITY to the markets. Sure it was a dictator and no longer freedom, but hey… dictators who are stable are good for business. People like knowing what the boss is going to do, even if they hate him.


  1. Hitler Emphasized Respect for Women, Children and Strong Family Values

Stability. Family. Respect for everyone.

Sounds great, unless you’re a Jew or a Woman or Homosexual. In fact, MANY of the first Nazis were minorities. There were a LOT of homosexuals in particular. Hitler tolerated them along with friendly journalists.

Then once in power, they quickly became a liability. They were locked up for “perversion” and “immorality.” Many were sent to the concentration camps. In fact the early movement Hitler used were street gangs called the SA or “Brownshirts.” They roughed people up, had rallies, and spread Hitler propaganda.

The SS was created to stop the SA “Brownshirts” who had “outlived their usefulness.” It was a cruel twist that the same “violence” that the “SA Ruffians” had been told to start were used to round them up and execute and imprison them.

The SS didn’t allow “defectives” in their ranks like Jews or Homosexuals or “Enemies of the State” (unfriendly journalists to Hitler.)

And much like ISIS, the “liberated German woman” soon found herself back home cooking. The workplace was a bad place for a “Good German Woman.” They were needed to make babies for the new Aryan Race of the German Empire!

Some of the girls coming back from running off to ISIS are reporting the same thing, being married off against their will and forced to do household chores. Then they are required to have “many future martyr children.” Or of course they can be gang raped and killed for disobedience.

But no, by all means keep believing that ISIS is all about peace and that Islam is all about respecting women. American Islam perhaps… but that isn’t strict Islam like the jihadis believe.

The point here is that the very “tolerant” and “values oriented” guy that you put into power will very well turn on you if he doesn’t also have principles.


  1. Nazi Preservation of Environment and Animals

Nature and the animals!


Right up there with “Save the Children!”

When these get dragged out you know you’re being snowed.

Much like the Children… is there anyone “Anti-Animal?”

More useless demonizing of imaginary enemies to justify grabbing more power.

If you say “But it’s for the children” than any censorship and tyranny is good right?



  1. Hitler Banned Experimentation on Animals (Vivisection)

See number 4.

  1. Hitler Funded Research into “Free Energy” Technologies

This too is making the rounds of the Internet. Just about anything you read about “Nikolai Tesla” and conspiracy theories about “Free Energy” and the “Car That Runs on Water” are biased crap based on false science.

However, it is there to make you THINK there is some huge conspiracy stopping us from living in some utopian society where the laws of science don’t apply.

Take the “Water Car” for example.

There’s no energy IN water to get out of it! It’s stable as it is. You have to put energy IN to break water into Hydrogen and Oxygen (electrolysis) to then burn it in an engine (combustion) and turn it BACK into water.

There is no net gain. Actually there is a net LOSS through inefficiencies. “Free Energy” doesn’t exist. There is no conspiracy unless you believe that most of the laws of science don’t exist.

In that case, I maintain the “Buttered Toast Strapped to the Back of a Cat” method is much safer and easy to maintain.

  1. German Workers Were Well-Treated

Free Health Care!

Paid Vacation!

Subsidized Internet…er… I mean Television!

This is where dumb ideas like “Net Neutrality” come in. Again, simply a reason to step in and grab more power for the government.

Nothing is free. A “free paid vacation for all workers” had to come out of taxes. “free” health care the same thing. “free” television likewise.

There is no such thing as a “free lunch” as the saying goes.

There the government didn’t pay for it through taxes, they demanded the factories and business owners provide it…which meant the owners paid the workers less to make ends meet.

Of course is EVERYONE makes less money then it’s okay since everyone is equally poor right?

And who cares if all your private unions were banned and you were forced to join the “official government labor party.” No big deal right?

  1. Organized Industrial Production & Farming

Today the important thing here is “imports banned where possible.” Free trade paranoia anyone? Have you heard anyone lately talking about how we “gotta stop buying them overseas products?”


We are at the point where people aren’t doing it themselves. Folks are not “Buying American.”

Lets’ face it. American products tend to cost more. So, people buy foreign.

Folks SAY they want to Buy American but they don’t. Not when it’s a big difference in price.

So, Hitler saw this and said it was time for the government to MAKE people “Buy German.”

You can’t see this happening? Some heavy taxes slapped on Japanese cars and Chinese televisions? It’s proposed all the time. It just takes a determined leader unwilling to take “no” for an answer to make it happen.

“By any means necessary.” One of President Obama’s favorite phrases from the 1960s. (Thank you Malcolm X, you wonderful figure of peace and…never mind I can’t even say that with a straight face.)

You get the idea. Latch onto an idea. Twist it into a grab for more power and limit the choice of individuals.

I think you see the pattern by now.

  1. Hitler Eliminated Crime and Improved Health of Germans

Do I really need to go on here?
“Obamacare” anyone?

“Patriot Act?”

Both “for your own good!”

  1. No Citizen Will Starve or Freeze

See number 9.

  1. The Nazi Anti-Tobacco Mission

Gee, where have we heard THIS before? Oh, and don’t forget Alcohol and Firearms. After all that’s what the ATF is all about.

Hitler even led the way with veganism and a healthy diet of fruit and vegetables over meat. Low cholesterol, low sodium and very little sugar!

Basically if Mayor Bloomberg and Mayor DeBlasio were for it, so was Hitler. All because he cared about your health mind you… not because he wanted to have lots of healthy German boys around to draft into a war.

  1. Nazi’s Created a Culture that Cherished Music

Have we ever had a President more enamored with Hollywood and Social Media? Gotta be “cool” after all. Why answer questions from a professional reporter when you can talk to a Youtube blogger who is famous for filling her bathtub with milk and cereal?

Now that’s entertainment!

Don’t think most of this stuff is NEW either.

Julius Caesar did the same things in Ancient Rome.

“Bread and Circuses” are essentially the same thing as “Welfare and TV.”

I point this out not on party grounds. George Bush was a right bastard too. We don’t need Bushes, Clintons or any of the elites in power.

If Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton or any of the “approved” candidates by the elites come to power this could come to pass quite easily.

Only I don’t know they will.

Hitler was an outsider.

So was Lenin.

So was Mao.

The new “Leader of Change” might be an outsider.

However, you’ll know them by their demand for “just a little more power” in order to accomplish something. They will NEVER say give the government LESS power, or to empower the PEOPLE. The answer must always be more government, and more concentration of power in the Executive (President)’s hands.

I tell you this not to scare you or pick on any person or party. It’s simply that history keeps making the same turns because people always make the same mistakes.

It’s human nature. It’s not a conspiracy. It’s just how we’re wired.

Think of this as forewarning. An ideological vaccine to innoculate you from the bullcrap propaganda later. Or perhaps like a heads up so you can avoid a possible health problem in the future.

If you have any doubt who’s putting out this garbage, you don’t have to look any further than the bottom of the page for “sources.”

There’s “Wikipedia”… real reliable.

Then there’s “Stormfront” the number one Neo-Nazi newspaper/website in the world.

Then there’s the IHR (Institute for Historical Review) which publishes fun books like the “Myth of German Villainy” which denies the Holocaust as “propaganda” or “The Wehrmacht War Crimes Bureau” about how the Nazis were just the victims of innumerable Allied war crimes for no good reason while innocently fighting for their homeland.

Wow, some unbiased sources ya got there guys.

Even today these lies (or as the IHR calls them “historical revisions”) are abounding more and more. As the “Greatest Generation” that lived through it dies off, there is no one there to correct the lies and preserve the truth.

The same is being done in this country. Few are willing to stand up vocally and willfully when ludicrous “conspiracies” pop up about faking the moon landings or how 9-11 was an “inside job on behalf of the Jews.”

Don’t fall asleep. Speak up. Preserve the truth.

Otherwise, we WILL get that terrible leader. It might not be a Hitler. It might be another Woodrow Wilson or FDR. Just a bad leader who wants to be an American dictator and takes us to war against the Fascists…. using the same tactics.

It may take a decade, but it’s coming. The people will keep clamoring for a “strong leader” above anything. Then, they’ll get exactly what they want.

And World War III will begin.









3 thoughts on “Pro-Hitler Propaganda Circulating Again on the Web

  1. Pat Russell says:

    If we do not learn history we are destined to repeat it!


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