Latest Study: Don’t Worry About Cholesterol


March 7, 2015 by JImbo

New Health Guidelines Find No Link Between Cholesterol and Heart Disease

Red Meat Not So Bad For You After All

The key takeaway here:

The report says dietary cholesterol now is “not considered a nutrient of concern for overconsumption.” This follows increasing medical research showing the amount of cholesterol in your bloodstream is more complicated than once thought.

I got howls of protest for my previous comparisons between crime epidemics and disease and between taking multiple vaccines with multiple drugs together.

However, they still make sense to me. There are many similarities and no one ever REFUTES the suggestion. They simply say “that’s crazy”, throw up their hands and refuse to talk about it.

Why not educate me then if it’s so “crazy?” Yet try and try as I might, the folks seem unable or unwilling to “learn me.” So, I stand by my comparisons.

To that, I’ll add one more.

What if “High Cholesterol” is no different than “Diabetes?”

Sugar by itself is not harmful.

Neither is Cholesterol.

In fact our body MAKES them both itself.

(That’s why I find the claims about Carbon Dioxide (CO2) so funny since that’s what we exhale when we breathe… are we all global polluters? But that’s for another time)

Anyway, the problem to me doesn’t seem to be the substance itself…but how we individually react to it.

If you can’t handle Sugar in your body correctly (too much or too little, too much or too little Insulin) then it’s a problem… for you.

What if Cholesterol is the same thing?

Is that “crazy” too?

What if we spent the last 30 years worrying about a non-existent problem? Or worse…the WRONG problem? Blaming a dietary staple when in reality it’s the malfunction of the human body (disease) that needs to be addressed?

Imagine if we banned Sugar but didn’t talk about Diabetes. Would that help people? No, that would HURT people wouldn’t it?

Perhaps the same is true here.

Or maybe we’re missing a third trend?

About the same time the Cholesterol scare started, obesity started rising.

We know that obesity taxes the body and makes it harder for the systems to work.

So, you get failure of many of the regulatory processes.

Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar…Blood Cholesterol?

Could it be more obesity that caused the high Cholesterol levels, just like it causes diabetes?

But what caused the obesity?

Could it be the study itself claiming a link between Cholesterol and Heart Disease?

Could the switch from high-protein diets (eggs, bacon, etc) to high-carbohydrate diets (complex sugars) have caused obesity, which in turn caused Cholesterol imbalances?

I’m just spitballing here but maybe it means something. Maybe not.

The original study back in 1983 essentially didn’t find a solid link. However, the recommedations were made anyway and the rest is history.

On an aside, this site seems to even say that LOW Cholesterol is dangerous. (It’s about halfway down the page) I would guess that’s true since low blood sugar is bad. Anything that drives us out of natural balance would seem to be bad for us.

Is that “crazy?”

I’m no doctor, and I don’t play one on TV.

Like I said, I’d LIKE someone to debate this but I am despairing of finding anyone knowledgeable enough and open minded (plus patient) enough to explain this in terms even a complicated imbecile like myself can understand.



One thought on “Latest Study: Don’t Worry About Cholesterol

  1. Pat Russell says:

    Exercise more & eat less for good health. You can send the check anytime, thank you.


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