It Ain’t About the Emails, Just Like it Wasn’t About the Sex


March 7, 2015 by JImbo

Does the Kremlin Have Hillary Clinton’s Emails?

It’s an interesting twist on the story. More of the same old Clintons at work.

The original Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky thing wasn’t about sex, as much as the media said it was …over…and over… and over.

It was about lying under oath.


The thing that you and I get sent to prison for.

The President lied while testifying, and was never punished for it.

The media changed it into “What’s the big deal? He just had sex.”

No, he lied on the official record.

That’s a felony.

Fast forward to 2015.

Now Hillary Clinton’s misdeeds are coming to light (again… but for the first time for many average Americans who don’t follow these things like a sports league)

President Obama sent out a directive that Federal employees were to use their official emails for work and all archiving of those emails should be on government computers in order to preserve them for the future.

Essentially, we are just updating the old rule that all official papers stay at the office and in the file cabinets.

Mrs. Clinton, leading the State Department also sent a directive reinforcing this rule.

Then she decided to IGNORE the rule and used her private email for everything.

The media again says “Well we all have private emails. What’s the big deal?”
The “big deal” is that most of us aren’t in charge of the US State Department, emailing the President every day. Most of us aren’t handling national security issues and correspondence between other world leaders.

The difference is that it’s a felony.

No, not HAVING a private email. However, USING it is the same as taking top secret papers home for “safe keeping.” It’s dumb and illegal.

It wasn’t just “some” emails either. EVERY email she sent was from a server set up at her house. She didn’t even HAVE an “official” State Dept email.

No this isn’t just about being a hypocrite. It’s about a felony charge. You can’t just walk off with top secret papers and stash them in your spare room.

On top of that, private email isn’t papers. They aren’t physical. They are transmitted back and forth on COMMERCIAL lines. Not encrypted. Just the same lines that individuals use.

Apparently Mrs. Clinton didn’t even opt for a company-grade system like Microsoft or Amazon would use. It was just the same thing you and I use. It was arguably LESS secure than this blog.

Yes, LESS secure because the company she used was hacked in 2010. So, the transmission of those files she kept at home was VERY easily intercepted by the Kremlin. They aren’t admitting it, and they won’t. However, it makes you wonder.

Now Russia has possible access to Hillary Clinton’s emails and Edward Snowden’s top secret files from the NSA.

We’ve been assuming that Snowden had the files from the State Dept to keep President Putin of Russia up to date on what we were doing. However, he was in the NSA. It seems more likely that if they had State Dept info it came from the State Dept directly.

And now… viola.

A potential hole.

Created by Mrs. Clinton for no other reason than to hide her own secrets from the American people.

Letting those emails float out there in space to be snatched up is a felony.

Storing them at her house is a felony.

If she lied about it (which it looks like she did) it could be a felony.

If those files DID get to Russia, she would be chargeable under the same laws that Edward Snowden is.

Think about that for a minute.

This isn’t really about email at all, but about national security. She put the whole nation at risk for political reasons. That isn’t newsworthy?

She may not be charged. After all, the President runs the Justice Department. Is he going to charge her? I doubt it. Imagine how bad THAT would make the Democrat Party look!

She’s also the ONLY Democrat contender right now for the 2016 election. Unless that’s the idea. Lots of people had to have seen her “” emails and known it wasn’t a State Dept email. They had to have known what she was doing.

Why choose NOW to bring this out?

After she’s out of office.

After they can’t impeach her since she already retired.

She’s effectively immune from criminal prosecution if the President blocks it.

All it will accomplish is to trash her 2016 Presidential chances and open it up for someone else. *

Is that too conspiracy theorist?

The leak seems to be a Democrat one.

Why would they sabotage their No. 1 candidate for 2016?

What other reason would they have than wanting her to step aside?

For who, though?

Stay tuned.

* Unless there were actual other crimes in those emails she hid from the State Dept. Such as bribes or other arrangements with those huge mideast donors the Clinton Foundation took in while she was in office *


One thought on “It Ain’t About the Emails, Just Like it Wasn’t About the Sex

  1. Pat Russell says:

    Nothing new here Mrs. President.


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