Government Tries to Ban “Armor Piercing Bullets”…. That Aren’t


February 28, 2015 by JImbo

I smell another lawsuit if they try this…

Department of Justice Tried to Ban Common Rifle Ammo

(Source: Reason Magazine)

Yes, I know people balk about “well assault rifle ammo isn’t common.”

First, there is no “assault rifle” definition. Look for one. There are “automatic rifles” and Semi automatic rifles” and “bolt action rifles”…. no “assault” rifles.

That’s especially fun because in New York bayonets are banned on rifles too. Because…well…just because. You know how all those people are running around with rifles and then STABBING PEOPLE WITH THEM instead.

Happens all the time.

Second, the rifle often connected with these rounds is the AR-15.

Yeah I know it’s scary. It’s all black and intimidating and everything. (Not to be racist or anything.) So, here they have it in pink too!

is that sexist? Here, we’ll make the liberals really cry by showing the kids version.

Hey, they DID say they wanted to see girls doing all the things boys do! Shooting is DEFINITELY a woman’s sport. It doesn’t take a lot of upper body strength and women have very good hand-eye coordination on average.

Bah. There’s just no pleasing some people. Anyway….

AR-15s are common. There are MILLIONS of them out there. Other hunting rifles ALSO use the 5.56 round. I have two bolt action rifles that use it myself. (Anyone gonna argue the bolt-action hunting rifle from the 1800s is an “assault rifle?”)

Third, this article hits the target dead-on. The ammo doesn’t fit the regulation they’re trying to enforce.

-They don’t have a hard tungsten core

-They aren’t pistol rounds.

So, they don’t qualify as “armor piercing pistol bullets” which the regulation covers.

Now granted they will just wave a magic wand and POOF change the regulation. That’s what they did with Net Neutrality… Obamacare… Illegal Alien Amnesty… IRS rules… you get the idea.

It’s wonderful to see democracy in action isn’t it? Oh but wait… is it democracy if the President decides to change laws by himself without going to Congress?

No…. there’s some other word for that… now what is it now?

Autocracy- a system of government by one person with absolute power.

That’s it!

It’s all good though as long as you agree with what rules are being made isn’t it?

But what happens when you don’t agree?

Too late.





3 thoughts on “Government Tries to Ban “Armor Piercing Bullets”…. That Aren’t

  1. Pat Russell says:

    Guess operation Choke Point wasn’t enough.


  2. chai says:

    “is that sexist? Here, we’ll make the liberals really cry by showing the kids version.”

    You get so wonderfully sassy in these sorts of rants.


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