Grand Theft Lego


February 21, 2015 by JImbo

The Lego Movie video game is basically Grand Theft Auto for kids. Fewer hookers but lots more destruction. Literally just about everything you run into, over and through gives you money.

Including people.

This is my friend’s son Orion playing it with us acting like fools in the background. The only thing more fun than ruining your life with video games is helping a minor do it! Evil can be so much fun.

You even get your own jack hammer to carry around just in case you want to wreck more stuff.

Oddly I can’t decide if it’s sexist or not. While there are no prostitutes to beat and steal money from, there is the rule that “female characters jump higher.”

I guess white men can’t jump… but girls can… and everyone is yellow anyway.


Is that racist?

Meh… it’s a game.




2 thoughts on “Grand Theft Lego

  1. Pat Russell says:

    12 & under need not apply?


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