Wal Mart Raises Wages….WITHOUT Government Telling It To!


February 19, 2015 by JImbo

Half Million Wal Mart Workers to get pay raises

Imagine that… the laws of the marketplace actually WORK!

Wal Mart didn’t need a new government minimum wage increase or more regulation. It simply saw sales going down, asked customers why and then listened to them!

Ooooh… evil Wal Mart… listening to customers!

Giving better service!

Boo Lower prices!

Hiss private sector!

It always amazes me that people will revile Wal Mart for being “big, uncaring and unaccountable to customers” all day. Then, you ask them what the answer is and it’s always big government regulation… big, uncaring and unaccountable government.

It’s also not unions. Wal Mart is still non-unionized. I can see peoples’ heads exploding already.

How did this happen? Evil Corporations aren’t supposed to raise wages and lower prices on their OWN! That’s madness! They’re supposed to be greedy and evil and be FORCED to do good things by sacred government laws and crusading unions of justice!

What gives?

It took Wal Mart a few months to fix the problem based on sales… which amount to BILLIONS of “votes” by people shopping there…or NOT shopping there. If they shop at Wal Mart they support its policies. If they don’t… they aren’t supporting its policies. Seems pretty simple to me.

Meanwhile, we’re supposed to believe that government…where we elect ONLY the higher ups (not bureaucrats and line workers) every few YEARS is supposed to be more responsive? And a government monopoly to boot?

Imagine if Wal Mart operated like the Federal Government does. You would have to shop there…by law. Prices would be set by Congressional vote. Things would be 2-3 times as expensive as they are now. Employees would be basically impossible to be fired and would make on average $100,000 a year. If you were mad or given bad service, your only recourse would be to write an angry letter to your Congressman or try to vote your Congressman out at the next election.

Oh yeah… government is SO much more responsive and friendly than the private sector!



One thought on “Wal Mart Raises Wages….WITHOUT Government Telling It To!

  1. Pat Russell says:

    People & business pressure works!


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