An Open Letter to Mrs. Harf


February 18, 2015 by JImbo

State Dept Official Marie Harf Says Terrorism Is Cured With Jobs


That’s strike two, Mrs. Harf.

I love how when people disagree with them, Leftists just say “Well it’s too nuanced” or “It’s beyond your level of understanding.”
Translation: “You’re Too Dumb to Get It.”

Frankly I find that quite insulting, Mrs. Harf. I DO get the idea you’re trying to convey. I understand it quite well and have written about it.

I get that poor people are often desperate. They are vulnerable to outside influence by the powerful. They are often willing to take dangerous risks to make ends meet.

I get that.

However, it does NOT apply here.

This brand of Jihadi terrorism is not based on poverty. Most of the recruits of ISIS are NOT poor. They are from the upper levels of Arab society. The world’s biggest funders of Jihadi terrorism are oil-rich sheikhs.

In addition, a LARGE number of ISIS recruits are not even from the Middle East. They are from WESTERN COUNTRIES. Within those countries, they are often from the well off, or at least middle class.

If you can’t stop them from joining up here in America, how will you be able to stop them in other countries?

The Jihadis are often wealthy and educated (by local standards.) This has been proven over and over and over. The State Department has said so itself. Do you not read your own research?

Those that are “underemployed” or less than successful tend to be those who are less than qualified for “normal” jobs. (What jobs is the sociopath who tortures people for fun qualified for? How about the explosives expert? The Koranic scholar? Not a lot of jobs for those in a land full of them.)

Yes there are some poor people there I’m sure. There’s always folks willing to make a buck without caring who they work for. However, it’s not about the money.

Would you travel thousands of miles to work for Adolf Hitler exterminating Jews? How much would you have to be paid to be a janitor for a Gulag/Concentration Camp for Joseph Stalin? How much would you be willing to settle for in order to be a slave trader for ISIS?

Yes, they DO trade in slaves. The Koran says they can and they have captured quite a few non-Muslims who fit the bill. My point is that the people joining ISIS are not doing so for money. They don’t want your jobs or your pity.

They are doing it for religion. They are doing it for pride. They are doing it for nationalism. They are doing it because they are sociopaths who like harming people for fun.

It’s just a really fun coincidence that they get all of those things in the same Jihadi movement so that their darkest, cruelist wishes are BLESSED BY ALLAH!

Enslave women and rape all you want!

Chop off heads and show them off to your friends!

Blow up churches and torture children!

Set everyone on fire and tape it to watch again..and again…and again!

Talk about a twisted version of paradise!

Do these sound like things people would do for money? How much money would YOU take to do those things, Mrs. Harf?

Oh don’t be shy. I know you work in Washington. So… a million dollars? Ten million? A billion? What’s the price of your soul, Mrs. Harf?

You accuse others of selling their souls to become terrorists. If you won’t do the same, then are you better than they are? That’s pretty racist to say.

What, only the poor dirty people sell their souls? C’mon now… you work in Washington. You KNOW better than that!

I don’t need to be “nuanced” about my arguments. They are quite straightforward and common sense. Some people need to be killed.

The people that set folks on fire and post it on youtube need to die.

The people that behead others for being Christian need to die.

The people that enslave and gang-rape women and children need to die.

There’s nothing “nuanced” about that. I don’t claim to be better than the next guy or gal. I just tell it like it is.

If you can’t admit that there is evil in the world, then evil will find you.

The one positive side of all this is that these parasites are getting easier to spot. Like bloodsucking, disease-carrying mosquitos they are being drawn out of their scum ponds and hiding holds into the “holy” light of Jihad.

Fortunately for us, that attracting light is a giant bug zapper made up of US bombs raining on them day and night. I heard they’re recruiting 1,000 new jihadis a month, mostly from Western countries.

Meanwhile we’re killing 1,000 a month through bombing.

Sounds good to me.

Keep it up.

Spend that extra money on jobs over here for Americans instead.

One thought on “An Open Letter to Mrs. Harf

  1. Pat Russell says:

    It’s George Bush’s fault.

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