Pop Culture Confuses Me….again


February 15, 2015 by JImbo

Poker Legend Disowns Transgender Former Olympian

Who are these people and why do I care again? It’s all over the damn news. Apparently the media thinks all you need to know is:

1-It’s snowing in New England (duh)

2-Terrorists are killing people (duh)

3-Bruce Jenner is a woman (huh?)

I can watch sports even when I don’t follow the teams. Why? Because the rules are the rules. You know there are always two teams in football…. each trying to score a touchdown on the other. Doesn’t matter WHO is on the teams (unless you’re betting on them) so you can enjoy the game without having to worry about what college or high school the players went to or who their babies mommas are.

Don’t care.

Because football is awesome.

The sport is more important than any of the players.

Pop culture throws all sorts of crap at you and you are expected to know who all these people are that have NO impact on your life. They are generally people that I would walk AWAY from if I met them on the street.

Maybe it’s about having a game to put all the dumb parts into. Maybe it’s a drinking game or a BINGO card with “transgender” “rapper” “sex tape” etc on it. Make it a contest to watch the news and see who can fill their score card first and get BINGO.

It’s not like most of the “news” really serves any educational purpose anymore. It might as well serve as entertainment.

One thought on “Pop Culture Confuses Me….again

  1. Pat Russell says:

    My t-shirt would say “whatever it is- I don’t care!”


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