Historical Quote 2-15-15


February 15, 2015 by JImbo

Excerpt from How The Scots Created The Invented World by Arthur Herman

When mortal illness finally overtook the famous Scottish Judge Lord Kames at age 86, he greeted it stoically and with his usual lack of sentimentality.

His last day on the bench, he said to his colleagues “fare thee well, ye bitches!”

That was way back in 1782.

It’s nice to know that things haven’t changed much.

See what sorts of fascinating things you learn from reading?


3 thoughts on “Historical Quote 2-15-15

  1. Pat Russell says:

    You’d have thought he would have used the other B word because it would be all men.


  2. roninwolf109 says:

    Reblogged this on Monkeys and Typewriters and commented:
    This is awesome. 😀


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