What Is The Situation With The Irish ‘Water Protests?’


February 14, 2015 by JImbo

There’s no such thing as a free lunch… or free water. Oh wait. Yes there is… GO GET IT YOURSELF! Nothing is stopping these folks from NOT using the municipal water system. They could always get buckets and get it out of the river if they don’t want to pay the fees. You’re not paying for WATER dumbasses, you’re paying for CONVENIENCE. Much like you don’t HAVE to use an ATM. You COULD go to the bank and get your money out during business hours for FREE.
You CHOOSE to pay for the convenience.
Proof that idiocy is international.

On a related note, have you ever noticed that the folks screaming about foodstamps and “food deserts” are NEVER the ones growing their own food on the porch or back yard? Millions of Americans grow their own food, in total or just a small vegetable patch with seeds for a few cents and free rainwater. Yet the ones that complain the loudest can’t be bothered to plant a few tomatoes or cucumbers to supplement their diets.


OK, Fine.

Irish Water Taxes.  Russell Brand The Trews (E254).

Protesters in Ireland were arrested for protesting against high water taxes and bills.

According to RT, after three days of “heavy handed” dawn raids on the homes of Irish anti-austerity activists, a protest was held outside the Irish embassy in London on Wednesday.

The demonstration was organized after 11 Irish “anti-water charges” campaigners were arrested, detained and questioned by police. The campaigners in question say they were arrested on unreasonable grounds.

Among those hauled into police custody were socialist TD (MP) Paul Murphy, and leftist Dublin councilors Mick Murphy and Kieran Mahon.

All three men are public representatives of Ireland’s Anti-Austerity Alliance, which has campaigned against the Irish government’s debt repayment strategy to international and EU creditors. Following several hours of questioning, they were released.

Does this remind anyone of Detroit?

“A U.N. visit was prompted by July protests in Detroit that resulted…

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One thought on “What Is The Situation With The Irish ‘Water Protests?’

  1. Pat Russell says:

    Even the Romans paid to have water in their homes.


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