“Giant Pets” on Google


February 1, 2015 by JImbo

I’m thinking maybe that wolf was just a giant mastiff or something. They are pretty big dogs. That got me searching for just how big dogs get… pretty frickin big!

But apparently they’re not the only big pets around.

And I thought Garfield was fat!

I think I saw this in a bad sci fi movie once.

This one I KNOW I saw in Star Wars…

Awwwww. He thinks he’s people! (I have people at work who think the same thing)

Hahaha. A giant tennis ball. Neat. I get it, Google. “Giant” and “Pet”… you got me.

Wait… I said PET. Not “Supper for French People”

Again… Google… I said PET. This time it’s the child who is the supper for the snake.




Alright that’s enough Google for today.



One thought on ““Giant Pets” on Google

  1. Pat Russell says:

    I do not want a pet that can eat me. And I am unanimous in that!


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