It’s Tough Being So Right So Often


January 30, 2015 by JImbo

SGT Bergdahl on charges for Desertion; Terrorist traded for him go back to Taliban

I don’t go for the whole “told you so!” thing. That’s bragging. I’d rather just let the facts speak for themselves.


It’s amazing how many “ridiculous” things said about dumb Obama policies have turned out to be TRUE.

Russia would take the Ukraine?


Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen would fall to terrorists if we got involved?


Why is this important? Because he’s STILLS SCREWING UP!

Well, honestly I dunno if HE thinks he’s screwing up. His goals aren’t necessarily what’s good for America and Americans.

However, from OUR perspective as folks who want to see America succeed… he’s royally screwing the pooch.

The latest possible disaster?

Our State Dept officials met with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Then they immediately declared a new “Jihad” against the government there. The one the PEOPLE wanted.

The Obama Administration already tried to install pro-Muslim Brotherhood terrorists into power after the fall of previous long-time US ally president Hosni Mubarak. Obama wanted his buddies in the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization to be in there instead.

After months of “sharia law” and widespread killings the people rose up and put President Sisi, the Chief of Staff of the Army into power. He HATES the Muslim Brotherhood.

In fact, the Muslim Brotherhood had been BANNED in Egypt for decades just because of this danger. So, the people gleefully applauded when the radical terrorists were banned again.

Then Obama sent our State Dept over just the other day to meet with them in an underground conference to “discuss the situation.” Then, the next day they declare Jihad against the Egyptian government.

Yes, “our” leaders met with a known terrorist organization and plotted the overthrow of an elected government…for the second time in the SAME country.

Why Egypt? Well, it’s a stubborn obstacle to empowering the Muslim Brotherhood across the Middle East. From Iraq-Syria-Libya-Yemen, the Obama Administration has been supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and similar terrorist groups.
I’m hoping he’s just incompetent and naively thinks that “Well they hate Al Qaeda too, so the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Yes, incompetence and naivete is the best case scenario.

The alternative is that he’s intentionally trying to put terrorists into power across the Middle East simply to destroy anyone allied with the United States or anyone close to “Western” leaning. Let’s pray it’s just incompetence.

We all know how GREAT the overthrow of Libya, Syria, Iraq and Yemen have gone for us. So let’s try a SECOND time to overthrow a popular Egyptian president (Sisi has much higher poll numbers than Obama.)

Those who don’t learn from history….

Incidentally, this is big news lately because Obama just ripped apart the country of Jordan for THINKING ABOUT trading their capture pilot for an ISIS terrorist. When a reporter asked “Wait… isn’t that what you did with SGT Bergdahl?” the White House Spokesman Eric Schultz said:

“I’d also point out that the Taliban is an armed insurgency; ISIL is a terrorist group. So we don’t make concessions to terrorist groups.”

There you have it folks. The people WE deal with are magically not terrorists (although they are still terrorists according to the Treasury Dept, Justice Dept and parts of the State Dept depending on who you ask and for what.)

That despite the Talbian killing dozens of people this week in multiple terrorist attacks, including Americans, women and children.

But, ya know… totally not terrorists because if we said that then it would look like the President dealt with terrorists and the “optics” on that would be bad.

Same thing with the Muslim Brotherhood and the second attempt to overthrow the Egyptian government.

Totally legit.

No terrorists there.


One thought on “It’s Tough Being So Right So Often

  1. Pat Russell says:

    He can’t even call them Islamic Radicals or Extremists. Won’t talk to Israels PM but the Muslim Brotherhood anytime. 2 more years is too much!


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