British National Health Care System in “Crisis”


January 23, 2015 by JImbo

NHS May be Forced to Abandon Free Healthcare for All

This is the system that President Obama wanted to emulate in pushing for Obamacare.

Other countries with “public health care” are not all they’re said to be.

Survey of European Health Care Systems

For example, did you know that in France health care isn’t “free” but it is merely subsidized? Less and less every year. YOU pay for health care then claim reimbursements from the government for 75-80%.

Then, 85% of people buy additional PRIVATE insurance on top of the public option.

So, in all the French end up paying about 50% of their own health care costs.

Far from “free universal health care.”

In Britain it’s about a quarter of peoples’ pay going to health care.

In the United States it’s about 17%.

For that 17% we get MUCH BETTER CARE.

For example, there are about 5 times as much diagnostic equipment in 5 times as many locations. (MRI machines, X-rays, etc)

Plus there are more doctors per person.


Then you actually get to have tests done.

Then you actually get into the hospital before a YEAR of waiting (or two.)

In other words, the only way Britain’s system has “worked” thus far has been to simply put people in line line. The British call it “Sitting in the Queue.”

They even joke about it quite a bit.

You wait 5 times as long to see a doctor.

Then you wait 5 times as long to get a test.

Then you wait 5 times as long to get an operation.

Meanwhile, if you “happen to die” while waiting that doesn’t count against the system. After all you “were on the list.” You just apparently couldn’t wait so it’s YOUR fault for dying in the meantime.

But…oh well. One less person in the line and one less operation to pay for.

THAT is how they “save money.”

Keep that in mind when you hear about the wonders of “Free Public Health Care.”

It’s based on a bunch of lies and half truths and avoids addressing how things ACTUALLY work.





One thought on “British National Health Care System in “Crisis”

  1. Pat Russell says:

    Can’t be true. Progressives & libs will say it is made up. Capitalists know follow the money. It only goes so far. Rationing.


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