Every Scandal Has a Silver Lining


January 22, 2015 by JImbo

NYS Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver Arrested by FBI

Just when I was sad about the Democrats having another year to hammer through corrupt legislation and more taxes… a ray of sunshine broke through!

Why is this important?

For those who aren’t in New York or who don’t know/remember:

Governor Mario Cuomo was basically forced into forming the “Moreland Commission” after scandal after scandal among the Democrats in the NYS Legislature. Basically, he promised that if the Feds didn’t come in and investigate, he’d “air the dirty laundry” and do it with his own people.

We all knew it was a farce, but to our surprise some investigation WAS done. Unfortunately for the Governor, the people he appointed ACTUALLY DID THEIR JOB and had some serious dirt on a few very powerful politicians.

So, Cuomo abruptly shut the Commission down and said “Nothing to see here. No corruption found. It was my Commission so I get to stop it at any time I want. So Nyah!”

The Democrat-controlled Dept of Justice too dropped it (after some discussions between the Governor and the White House I’m sure.)

Again, unfortunately for Governor Cuomo a Federal prosecutor Preet Bharara from Long Island failed to give up. Instead he requested the notes taken by the Commission before it was shut down.

The Governor said “Oops we lost those. Don’t have em. Nope. Sorry!”

Prosecutor Bharara said “If I find them and you lied you go to prison.”

Miraculously the notes showed up!

The same day the Governor called a dozen (yeah… a DOZEN) lawyers.

Ya know… no connection.

Now the first arrest from Bharara’s investigation is the #1 leader in the NYS Legislature.

The one with direct ties to the Governor.

The one whose office reportedly urgently called the Governor JUST before the Moreland Commission was shut down.

There are DOZENS of other politicians pissing themselves right now, wondering what is in those notes.

What is worse, Mr. Silver isn’t a young man. This isn’t a slap on the wrist either. $6 million dollars in bribes is serious prison time.

An old man doesn’t want to die in jail.

He just might be convinced to talk. A lot. He is the man who probably knows more secrets than ANYONE else in the Capitol.

And that is why he was first.

He’s the key to this. If the Feds can get him talking it could GUT the Democratic powerhouse. Oh it won’t stop the Democratic liberal majority in the state. However, it will shatter many of the power structures in place and could effectively derail the whole Legislature for a year or two.

Plus, if he rolls on the Governor that’ll be the gem in Bharara’s cap. Cuomo has been talked about as the next President (after Hillary of course.)

Not a big surprise really. This IS New York, and the previous two governors left under less than ideal circumstances. This would make three scandal-ridden governors leaving in a cloud of corruption in a row.

Sadly for Cuomo it’s not even a “sexy” scandal either. It’s not the kinky call girl visits of Governor Spitzer. It’s not the drug use by blind Governor Patterson.

It’s just boring corruption and bribery.

Hey, at least the news might be worth watching for awhile.



One thought on “Every Scandal Has a Silver Lining

  1. Pat Russell says:

    Goes back to Cuomos commission. When he got close whammo!, no more commission. Attorneys for Fed saw it different. Lets have those files boys. Gotcha!!


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