Eric Holder May End Unconstitutional Police Seizure of Private Property

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January 20, 2015 by JImbo

Eric Holder Orders End to Unconstitutional Police Seizure Program *

Not a lot of details out on this yet. If TRUE then it would be a good thing. However, given how CORRUPT our Attorney General is, it would frankly surprise me if this ONE time he was being honest about helping the American people.

For those who don’t know, the Civil Asset Forfeiture Program (CAF) is an unconstitutional property grab. To supposedly “scare” drug dealers, in a nutshell the Federal government said that if the locals called them in on criminal busts, the locals kept 80% of property NO MATTER IF THE OWNER WAS INNOCENT OR GUILTY.

Didn’t matter. Everything became police property. To sell at auction and make lots and lots of money.

Not saying that ALL cops do it, or that it is a driving force in their policy making but it’s not a coincidence that Fed-supported raids rose drastically after implementation of the CAF. It surely financed a lot of new shiny “SWAT” teams. After all, if you can’t afford a SWAT team, call the Feds in a few times, you use the money to set up your own SWAT team and then you can do MORE raids to collect more money… to pay for more cool new police equipment (and maybe another SWAT team.)

Of course having SWAT teams handy makes you WANT to use them to justify their expense to the taxpayer right? Writing speeding tickets and arresting purse snatchers just doesn’t pay the bills or make headlines like big drug busts and asset forfeitures.

Police are generally a good group of people. However, they’re also practical. Why do you think tiny police forces feel the need for oversized SWAT teams? It pays the bills.

Well, not anymore. Granted they’re still getting tons of aid and surplus military equipment from the Feds. They’re also being courted by a multidue of Federal agencies hell bent on intruding on their local police work. But, this is a start.

At the very best, all this move would do is “fix” a problem CREATED by the Federal government in 2000. Now if they could stop giving automatic weapons and armored vehicles to police, equipping them like an army instead of police.

That’d be great.

* You will note I say “Unconstitutional” and not “Illegal.” Any law passed is technically “legal” until it is overturned by the courts. That doesn’t mean it is “moral” or “constitutional.” It just means that the government is obeying the law…. be it a good law or a bad law.

Slavery was legal. Internment of Japanese Americans was legal. The Holocaust was legal.

But that didn’t make them legitimate.

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