1,000 More Troops to Go to Syria

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January 18, 2015 by JImbo

Ok, so not technically…that we’d admit it.

Syria Training Program Could Involve 1,000 More US Troops

That’s in addition to the 3,000 plus troops in Iraq.

Plus the troops in Qatar (600).

And Bahrain (3,400)

And Turkey (1,500+).

And Kuwait (9,500+)

And Saudi Arabia (300+)

and UAE (300+)

And Jordan (can’t find any figures on that but enough to support a few squadrons of combat aircraft and an existing “rebel fighter training camp”

All told I’m gonna guess that’s about 20,000 so far in the region.

Not including aircraft carriers and ships full of Marines offshore.

Or “State Department Personnel” and Special Forces that we won’t admit to.

On paper, the “ended” war in Iraq has TWICE as many troops deployed as those in Afghanistan.

At what point can we admit we are at war? Or that we have “boots on the ground?”

30,000 troops?




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