NASCAR Driver’s Assassin Ex-Girlfriend Files for Restraining Order

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January 15, 2015 by JImbo

NASCAR Driver Kurt Busch’s Ex-Girlfriend Denies She Was a Secret Assassin

I love these “he said, she said” court cases.

All we know for sure is that she showed up at his RV unannounced, went in, and came back out.

SHE says Mr. Busch went into an instant rage, beat her up and she ran for her life. Thus she needs a restraining order…and probably some money.

HE says she came in, made demands and wouldn’t leave so he kicked her out.

Oh, and she’s a covert assassin on the side.

If it were any other night in the trailer park next door I’d be inclined to think they were both just drunk and made stuff up. However, the fact that they are going to COURT over this means they have to at least sorta believe what they’re saying right? Because perjury (ie lying under oath) is a prison term if caught.

A joke is a joke but with prison on the line would you REALLY stick to a story you know is made up?

Do I think Kurt Busch randomly hits women? No. But I do think HE THINKS she is an assassin.

Do I think she’s an assassin? No. But I DO think she’s either certifiably nuts or went WAY TOO FAR in a joke gone bad and has no idea how to get out of it.

I’m betting there’s money involved they’re not discussing either way.

She is pretty…. aggressive.

See for yourself (some vulgar language included)

Patricia Driscoll Biography: “Pocket Commando”



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