US Military Spending Heading to Record Lows


January 12, 2015 by JImbo

To all those that keep complaining about how we “can’t do this” and “can’t do that” because of “all the money spent on wars.”

Well, the troops are coming home (as long as Obama doesn’t start yet another war.)

Combined with the REPUBLICAN military “sequester” cuts, we are on track to have record low military spending about as soon as physically possible. You can’t just instantly close bases, etc. It takes time. It IS government.

But, it’s happening. The military is being slashed hard core.

It’s only

I keep hearing ignorant people claim that we spend some crazy amount of our budget on the military. No, it’s not 50%. It’s not 34%. It’s not 20%.It’ll be just 2.4% of the GDP by 2022 according to the CBO and Congress plans.

And, even as a proportion of the budget it’s only 16%.

Okay sure we can focus on the 16%… or the other 84% that’s full of even more waste, corruption and abuse. Conservative estimates of waste and fraud in government as a whole is at least 20%.

So, we WASTE more on fraud and corruption than we spend on our ENTIRE MILITARY.

That’s without even noting that we can eliminate whole areas through smarter organization and planning.

For example, if we hadn’t gone $18 trillion into debt, we wouldn’t be paying 6% of our budget on INTEREST PAYMENTS on the debt. That’s a lot of money wasted due to BAD PLANNING.

Plus, redundancy is all over government. For example why do we need a Dept of Education at every level of government? Don’t you live within a couple miles of your school? How are there 5 levels of middle-men and bureaucrats in that 2 miles?

Let’s track a dollar of your tax money

You pay: One dollar in taxes

IRS collects it, keeps 5% and gives 95 cents to the Treasury

Treasury keeps 5%, sends 90 cents to the Federal Dept of education

The Federal Dept of Education keeps 5%, sends 86 cents to the State Dept of Ed

The State Dept of Education keeps 5%, sends 81 cents to your School District

Maybe… best case scenario.

So, at BEST you see 20% reach the school 2 miles away. The rest just goes to paying bureaucrats to move the money around and pay their own salaries.

So… eliminating the Federal Dept of Education would save 2% of the budget (100 billion a year) and we would GAIN 20% MORE VALUE.

So why do the anti-military folks keep saying we can ONLY cut the military and that we need MORE redundant government departments?

(from buzzfeed)

Well what about before 1940?

Wow, so a seriously small military budget!

We all know things worked out so well when we disarmed ourselves before.

The British attacked us in 1812.

The Germans attacked us in World War I.

The Japanese attacked us in World War II.

The Chinese attacked our allies in South Korea in 1950.

The Russians and Chinese attacked our allies in the 1960s (as our budget dropped)

When we slashed in the early 1990s, Saddam Hussein attacked Kuwait.

When Clinton slashed the military again down to 2000, the terrorists took the opportunity to repeatedly bomb us (World Trade Center in 1993, then 2001, Khobar Towers, African Embassies, USS Cole, etc)

Do you see a pattern here?

Do you think that slashing our military will NOT encourage our enemies again?

Whateverhappenedto “Peace Through Strength?”



4 thoughts on “US Military Spending Heading to Record Lows

  1. Pat Russell says:

    Doesn’t NATO require more?


  2. Great post. Folks who complain by comparing our military budget to other countries don’t realize that maintaining technological and budgetary superiority is the key to deterrence. Deterrence is the most economical way to ensure peace.

    Liked by 1 person

    • JImbo says:

      That’s a good point. You pay for what you get. Similarly to health care. If Britain spends 5 times as much on health care… but you wait 5 times as long… have only 1/5 the number of MRI machines, etc. You may get that operation… or you may not. But it is “cheaper.” You get what you pay for.


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