Thank God for Random Comments


January 8, 2015 by JImbo

I know I often complain about the lack of comments I get on this blog. I really DO encourage feedback. Tell me I’m wrong!Make fun of my cat!

(Seriously. You can tell me I’m right but that’ll just stroke my ego. Tell me I’m wrong and we can get a good debate going!)

(And I don’t have a cat. But I’ll pretend if you want.)

I do get the occasional comment.

Thank you for that.

It makes it all worthwhile.

I do get quite a bit of spam. Most of it is pretty easy to filter out. Some of it is kind of amusing, like this gem:

“My stomach is digesting itself as I publish this. I realize you’re at all times discussing the must system ahead and, in fact, you’re suitable. For that matter, I hope you have noticed the extra hrs I’ve been putting in to remain on leading of my assignments. The lousy news is with every one of the additional function, I have not had a chance to go shopping. I am guessing you possibly can see exactly where this is often going. Yeah, I did not order milk. This cereal is just not taking place. I guess I’ll head out and order some milk, but I’ll should wait one other hour for that supermarket to open and then from the time I order it, come back and consume it, it will be like midday. So I’ll see you tomorrow, and I’ll order some additional milk presently in an energy to system ahead and avert this later on.”

If there wasn’t a link to a sale on boots I’d almost have believed it was a real person having a mental breakdown. Or just REALLY REALLY missing milk for their cereal.

Or both.

Anyway, I see we’re a community of over 5,300 people now.

Thank you, and I hope I make it worthwhile place to come now and then to get some perspective and a snicker or two.

God Bless!

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