Religion of Peace Proves It By Killing 12 More People in France


January 8, 2015 by JImbo

At Least 12 Killed In France After Gunmen Attack Newspaper Offices

For the record, MOST news outlets seem unable to actually go far enough to post the “offending” cartoon. They will link to it, but they won’t go so far as to actually post it themselves.

Politeness or Cowardice?

You decide.

Here it is:

Is this cartoon worth killing over?
This is the cartoon that 12 people were killed in France over for “blasphemy against Islam.”
In it, the title is “The Prophet Returned”
Mohammed is pictured saying “Hey, I’m the Prophet Mohammed Idiot!”
The ISIS guy says basically “Shut your mouth, Infidel!”

Is that really worth THIS?

After raiding the office and shooting people, they start shooting people in the street.

When the cops show up, they shoot one, he goes down and begs for his life. The terrorists run over, shoot him in the head one last time and they both bolt for a car then drive away.

As far as I know they’re still on the loose. There are lots of “No Go Zones” in France. Places the police don’t go because there’s too much crime and there are Muslim riots whenever they show up. So, essentially they are lawless ghettoes. Well, technically they are Sharia Law ghettoes.

I wonder if the government will make an exception to go in and get these guys or if they’ll just give up and say “we couldn’t find them” after a week rather than risk officers getting shot in the Muslim ghettoes.


4 thoughts on “Religion of Peace Proves It By Killing 12 More People in France

  1. JImbo says:

    Meanwhile, our President and Secretary of State go on TV saying that perhaps the newspaper was partly to blame for publishing the cartoon.
    Hmmm…. so rape victims are “asking for it” too?
    Ah good old blaming the victim.


  2. […] Source: Religion of Peace Proves It By Killing 12 More People in France […]


  3. Pat Russell says:

    17 dead now. Plus three terrorists. How many more will there be?


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