Peanut Butter and Reality Banned from Public Schools


January 7, 2015 by JImbo


Reading stuff like this drives me nuts (pardon the expression)

School Nut Bans Keep Changing: Questions and Answers on Peanut Allergies

This is seriously getting out of hand.
I can’t believe that anyone is allergic enough to DIE from TOUCHING a Rice Krispie treat with peanuts in it. Not eating it… TOUCHING it, and after Benadryl and THREE EPI PENS.
Holy crap.
How did the kid survive life up until that point?
Not a single time in the 13 years before that did she TOUCH a peanut? There is no way.
Banning peanuts from schools?
The peanut ban advocates are actually saying that if a kid eats peanuts before school at home, they can shake hands with a classmate with an allergy and KILL THEM.
That is insane.
At that sensitivity level, kids will have to go through a full body decontamination before they are allowed in the school building.

I’m sorry.

That’s unacceptable.

if kids are that allergic, they are in the same class as the “Bubble Boy” and need to never leave the house. How can they possibly ever get a job if they can’t be around anyone who has touched a peanut? Or even peanut oil?

They cook most fried food in peanut oil.

Candy bars.

MOST anything any co-worker will get at lunch they will bring some sort of peanut dust/oil/scent back with them. Forget school. That person will NEVER be able to EXIST outside of the house.

Sad, but true.


4 thoughts on “Peanut Butter and Reality Banned from Public Schools

  1. Pat Russell says:

    Used to be survival of the fittest.


  2. This is the result of overzealous parents, who have lost a little bit of touch with reality. But as a parent of two peanut children, I can certainly understand why they would ban them at the school itself. It won’t kill or send anyone to the ER during the day to NOT eat peanut butter. However, if my son is rubbed with peanut butter, he will be in the hospital on IVs for hours. Our solution has always been the “peanut” table, but I have noticed, in eating lunch with my kids, that very often those lines are blurred. I knew I was taking a risk sending my kid to school there, but we did it anyway, and no we never asked for a full nut ban. I would love it if there were one though. At our current homeschool group, we do ban peanuts b/c the kids run around with their food, and sitting next to a person eating peanut butter will cause him anaphylaxis. It’s an airborne allergen, not like other food allergies at all. We have plenty of those too. I wrote a post about a little of this:
    You can’t remove your kid from the world or peanuts from the world, but school should be a safe place for kids. (hahaha I know, but still)

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    • JImbo says:

      Some parents say their kids grow out of it eventually. Is that even possible? I know some kids grow out of asthma…
      I do wonder at the skyrocketing peanut allergy rates. Seems more than just genes or something. How do kids from parents without a peanut allergy suddenly get it?
      It sounds like it’s a lot of work watching for two “peanut kids” =-)
      That sounds like quite a trip!


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